Easenet Data Cabinet & Easenet Server Rack Prices in Kenya

Easenet Data Cabinet & Easenet Server Rack Prices in Kenya

Easenet Data Cabinet & Easenet Server Rack Prices in Kenya

Data Cabinets offer an Optional cable and power management accessories that create separate network and power pathways for cables, they offer Easy access to cables and equipment with removable doors and side panels

Data cabinets have Perforated front and rear doors for optimal airflow and Locking side panels and doors for equipment security

Network Cabinets design standards

Networking cabinets manufacture such as Molex. D-Link, Siemon and Tronik Data Cabinets dealers in Kenya are required to comply with industry manufacturing standards. And, comply with other networking equipment manufacturers so that to enable easy fitting of server cabinet racks, fans, shelves, networking switches and other Sever cabinets fit-table equipment from other manufacturers. For example, a 6U data cabinet from Siemon should be able to allow cabinet mount of any 6U Rack size switch from any company.

How data cabinet measurements are done

Mall+254 Deals in Data cabinets that have a measurement range from 4U-data cabinets, 6U Data cabinets, 9U,12U,15U,18U,22U, 27U,32U,42U Data Cabinets.

The network data cabinets have dimensions combinations; (600 x 450 Data Cabinets, 600 x 600 Networking Cabinets, 600 x 800, 600 X1000 Great quality totem data cabinets, 800 x 800 and 800 x1000 42 U largest Data Cabinets in Kenyan Market.

Mall+254 is the best dealer in data cabinets networking equipment, we are focused in sourcing and supplying networking Equipment in East Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and we offer the best data cabinets that are both budget-friendly..

We also stock cabinet accessories such as 4way, 6way and 10 Way Power distribution units (PDUs), server rails, Cabinet trays and Server /Cabinet fan. We also offer onsite and offsite assembly

Determining the right Server cabinet Dimensions

Server racks come in different sizes, height weight, and depth. They also differ in design; can be;

Open-frame without enclosure or doors and that have mounting rails usually two or four, Closed rack cabinets; front -lockable Doors, Mounting rails, rear doors, Cabinets shelves, Fans, front glass doors, and side panels.

The height of networking cabinets is in standardized units. Represented by Letter U  each (U) unit is  equal to 45 mm-(1.75 inches)– high; Data/Server Cabinets are available from 2U to 42U

Network Cabinets vs Server Racks

Data Racks or Network cabinets are often confused as server racks/ cabinets. There is a great difference in the two;

Network cabinets are designed with enclosures. And, are usually used for the storage of networking equipment such as your servers, patch panels, routers, switches NVRs, DVRs, etc… In most cases, data cabinets are shallower than the server cabinet. Data cabinets measuring less than 31 inches deep. Most Networking Server Cabinets will have a glass front door.

Data Cabinets do not have perforated enclosure these is because The typical type of the equipment intended to be stored in the network cabinet does not generate a lot of heat compared to the ones housed in a server cabinet.

Setting up your server rooms

The size of the networking data cabinets is determined by a lot of factors. The main one being; the size of equipment you will install. Depending on your networking needs, Space, and equipment size, you can choose in between a freestanding /floor-standing data cabinet’s racks.

Freestanding data cabinets have rolling wheels for easy relocation or movement around.

Wall-mount cabinets/racks are suitable for small business applications such storage of small routers, Ethernet switches, CCTV DVR for storing CCTV equipment,

Needs a place to shop for networking data cabinets in Kenya, Mall+254 offer a wide range of Wall Mount, Floor standing server, and Data cabinet Accessories Such as Server rails, We have offered the competitive data cabinet prices in Kenya

The data cabinets brands that we deal in are; EaseNet, Giganet, Arnet, ACP, Molex, D-Link, and  Siemon Network Cabinets

Shop for other networking equipment from our Tp-Link Kenya shop at Nairobi Kenya. Server rooms Cabinets will help you protect Switches, routers, Patching panels, cables, servers, firewall and UPS at home or office

Why buy from Mall+254 shop in Nairobi

Our server racks and data cabinet come in aim one box, with all the accessories that are included from the manufacturer.

Mall+254 has all the Professionals who will assist you with data cabinet installation and assembly at a small fee

The server racks Include Power Supply Unit, PSU shelves, Fans. They are Quality Welded quality welded and strong construction, Enclosed Lockable cabinets have safety front doors made of glass.

Our best Ranking Data cabinet Prices

12U Easenet 600 by 450mm Glass Door Data CabinetKsh 13,500Buy
15U Easenet 600 x 600mm Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 20,500Buy
22U Easenet 600 X 1000mm Floor Standing Rack CabinetKsh 40,000Buy
22U Easenet 600 X 600mm Floor Standing Glass Rack CabinetKsh 24,500Buy
32U Easenet 600 X 1000 MM Floor Standing Glass Door Rack CabinetKsh 47,500Buy
42U Easenet 600 x 1000mm Mesh Door Server Rack cabinetKsh 74,000Buy
42U Easenet 800 x 800mm Glass Door Server Rack CabinetKsh 68,000Buy
6U Easenet 600 X 600 Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 11,200Buy
Easenet 12U 600 x 600mm Wall Mount Data CabinetsKsh 18,000Buy
Easenet 15U 600 X 450 Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 18,500Buy
Easenet 18U 600 x 450mm Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 18,500Buy
Easenet 18U 600 x 600 Server rack/ Network cabinetKsh 22,500Buy
Easenet 22U 600x800mm Glass Door Data CabinetKsh 30,000Buy
Easenet 27U 600 x 1000 Server Data CabinetKsh 43,900Buy
Easenet 32U 600 X 1000 MM Floor Standing Mesh Door Rack CabinetKsh 53,500Buy
Easenet 42U 600 x 1000mm Glass Door Server Rack cabinetKsh 60,000Buy
Easenet 42U 600 x 800mm Mesh Door Servers Rack cabinetKsh 53,000Buy
Easenet 4U 600 x 450mm Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 5,700Buy
Easenet 6U 600 x 450mm Wall Mount Data CabinetsKsh 8,000Buy
Easenet 9U 600 x 450mm Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 12,200Buy
Easenet 9U 600x 600mm Wall Mount Data CabinetKsh 15,500Buy
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