Mercury UPS Best Price From Authorised Dealer

Mercury UPS Best Price From Authorised Dealer

Mercury UPS for Networking Equipment’s

Mercury UPS offers the best combination when it comes to performance and pricing, Mercury UPS are best combined with inverters to offer the best power backup for your networking devices,

When used alone Mercury UPS gives networking devices such as routers, computers, switchers, access points,  and other electronic devices ample time to shut down without circuiting the device.

When it comes to computers and laptops, Mercury UPS enables the user to save whatever work they were working on.

Mercury UPS are designed to accommodate every person in the market, Mercury UPS ranges from small UPS for single devices like Mercury 650 VA UPS to heavy commercial UPS that are connected to multiple devices to act as surge protector and also as power back ups.

Mercury UPS when combined with mercury inverters and batteries they offer power backups to your devices. It doesn’t matter whether they is power blackout or not, provided you have mercury powr system you are more than sorted as this sytem will keep running for hours.

Mercury inverters and Mercury UPS  from Mercury Direct are backed with a full year manufacturers warranty. So, you get full protection for your investment in a Mercury inverter.

The Mercury Service Centers in Kenya offer total support to keep your Mercury inverter and UPS working to deliver the best value for your investment.

Mercury UPS is a long-term investment, built to deliver many years of consistent service. You will recoup your cost within a very short period time, by saving hundreds of thousands of shillings  on electricity and replacing equipment that were destroyed by power upsurge.

Mercury UPSs are known for efficiency and for saving not just energy, but money that would be wasted by less advanced devices that require too much power.

Mercry UPS help companies prepare for increasing success, UPS are  engineered in a flexibled, scalable systems that are built to be easy to expand as needed, to accommodate greater demands for power protection.

Our top selling Mercury UPS includes

MERCURY 650VA Line Interactive UPS

Mall+254 strives to be be the best when it comes in offering business solution that will keep your business going and making profits

Mercury 650 Line Interactive UPS has an output rating of 220VAC. It can support some basic low power consumption appliances in the home or office. Depending on the load, it can provide up to 10 – 15 minutes backup.

Mercury 650 UPS is best suited for small applice with minimal power load, the UPS enables the user enough time to save doments and any other work the user may be working on.

Mercury Elite 650 Pro UPS is a reliable alternative power source. It is your perfect backup in the events of a power outage to keep your devices running. When there is a power cut, this UPS automatically switches over with zero downtime.

Mercury Elite 650 Pro protects your electronic equipment from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes while providing short term battery power during an outage.

Mercury Elite 650 Pro UPS features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which instantly adjusts high and low voltage fluctuations to safe levels for your electronics, saving battery power for when you need it most during storms and power outages.

Additionally, UK Plug sockets make for easy-to-use connection of protected equipment. Specifically designed to protect your PC equipment and network connection in harsh power environments, the Back-UPS ensures maximum productivity and work efficiency.

Mercury 1KVA UPS (1000VA UPS)

Mercury 1KVA UPS can be trusted for Performance, reliability and durability, the Mercury UPS brand is one of the top choices. The Mercury Elite 1000 Pro Line Interactive UPS is suitable for office and domestic IT equipment and electronics.

Mercury 1000VA UPS enables the user to connect multiple device to a cleen power source, this means in case there is power surge the connected devices will remain safe and the user can still continue to use the equipments for sometime awaiting power backup to be switched on.

Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS

Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS, which gives you perfect energy backup that keeps your device running while there is a power outage. It has an automatic switchover which enables it to changeover when the power supply is gone.

Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS will enable you to operate your home and office appliances non-stop when the power is down, it will even ensure you enjoy your work when the power supply is off.

Mercury Elite 1200VA UPS built-in AVR ensures better performance with the input range of 140 ~ 285VAC.

Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS silent nature of will make you work effectively without any distraction.

Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS is a large capacity of UPS,  which provides more efficient backup power and more advanced performance technology.  The possible backup time of Mercury Elite 1500VA UPS is up to 40min.

Mercury 2000VA UPS

Mecury 2KVA UPS (2000VA UPS) features the following attributes, such as wide input range of 140 ~ 285VAC, excess temperature protection, Power surge protection socket for printers, scanners, telephone, modem line protection,

Built-in intelligent battery management, Super protection of Overvoltage, Under voltage, Overload and Short circuit protection, Auto restart, Data-line protection.

Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS has no harmful substance to the environment; such as noise pollution, gas emission and it even save you from the stress of buying fuel and the cost. What Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS just need is charging that’s all.

Mecury 2KVA UPS auto restart which is inbuilt to the Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS allows no interruption with whatever you’re doing be it, playing video games, watching movie e.t.c.

Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS is well protected by the output short circuit and has the load capacity for your electronic appliances.

Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS is well protected from voltage overload and overcharge. Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS is what we all need at our homes and offices.

We all know that our power generating company popularly known as KPLC are not reliable or to be trusted, and our generator also is not reliable, they can be faulty at any time. What I know you can rely on and saves you from monthly KPLC dues is Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS. 

Meanwhile this Mercury Elite 2000VA UPS, also provide a voltage regulation and make sure your electronic appliances are save from power fluctuation.

Mecury 3KVA UPS (3000KVA UPS)

Mercury 3KVA UPS provide power backup for your sensitive equipment. The Mercury online UPS is ideal for sensitive equipment like servers, network systems and other IT equipment.

When the deployment demands zero tolerance for break in power supply, the online UPS is what you need.

Mercury 3KVA UPS offer  perfect balance between top performance, reliability and budget-friendly pricing, the Mercury online UPS range has an outstanding rating. With the Mercury 3kva online UPS, you get that high-rated performance from a 2100W capacity UPS.

Mercury 3KVA UPS  has a rated capacity of 2100W, the Mercury 3KVA online UPS can support multiple office devices. It will deliver up to 16 minutes power backup at half load and  some 5 minutes backup at full load. Powered by 8x 7AH battery, the Mercury 3KVA online UPS meets the backup requirement for most small office appliances.

Mercury 6KVA UPS (6000KVA UPS )

Mercury 6KVA UPS rated capacity of 4200W, the Mercury 6KVA online UPS can support multiple office devices. It will deliver up to 20 minutes power backup at half load and  some 7 minutes backup at full load. Powered by 20x 8.2AH 12Vbattery,

Mercury 6KVA online UPS meets the backup requirement for most small office appliances.

Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS are recommended for sensitive equipment such as large computer networks, Main Frame, sensitive medical equipment, telecommunications, servers are very sensitive.

The Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS is able to solve all electrical power delivered to the consumer, which makes them much clearer and reliable. When the deployment demands zero tolerance for break in power supply

Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS offers a rated capacity of 4200w which can support a sizable load of your sensitive office equipment.

Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS capacity is relatively large enough to meet the requirements of many users. The Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS inverter is powered by 20 x 12V/8.2Ah internal sealed and maintain-free batteries to provide the power backup you need.

Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS support’s multiple office device that delivers up to 16 minutes power backup at half load and some 5 minutes backup at full load.

Mercury 10kVA Online UPS (10000KVA UPS )

Mercury 10kVA Online UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply) has a power rating of 7000W which can support a significant number of equipment, providing the power backup needed by such sensitive equipment.

Mercury 10KVA Online UPS range is ideal for mission critical IT equipment like servers, network systems, workstations, PCs, etc. Because they deliver clean quality pure sine wave power, you have reliable power quality to support your sensitive IT equipment.

Mercury 10KVA online UPS ensures that the zero tolerance for any break in power supply, which is imperative for highly sensitive applications, is what you get. With zero switching time, your equipment is kept supplied and running, without service disruptions, at power failure from the grid.

10kVA Mercury Online UPS estimated backup time at half-load is 13 minutes, and that comes down to about 5 minutes backup at full load, with possible extension, optionally.

Mall+254 offers quality Mercury UPS with manufatures warranty at a very affordable price.

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