Mercury UPS & Mercury Inverter Prices in Kenya

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Buy Mercury UPS & Mercury  Inverter Prices in Kenya

Mercury UPS offers the best combination when it comes to performance and pricing, Mercury UPS are best combined with inverters to offer the best power backup for your networking devices, When used alone Mercury UPS gives networking devices such as routers, computers, switchers, access points,  and other electronic devices ample time to shut down without circuiting the device.

When it comes to computers and laptops, Mercury UPS enables the user to save whatever work they were working on.

Mercury UPS are designed to accommodate every person in the market, Mercury UPS ranges from small UPS for single devices like Mercury 650 VA UPS to heavy commercial UPS that are connected to multiple devices to act as surge protector and also as power back ups.

Mercury UPS when combined with mercury inverters and batteries they offer power backups to your devices. It doesn’t matter whether they is power blackout or not, provided you have mercury power system you are more than sorted as this sytem will keep running for hours.

Mercury 2KVA Pro Offline UpsKsh 13,500Buy
Mercury 1.5KVA Rackmount/ Tower smart UPSKsh 38,000Buy
Mercury 10KVA Online Single Phase UPSKsh 202,000Buy
Mercury 12V 7.5AH sealed ups batteryKsh 1900Buy
Mercury 20KVA Online 3 Phase UPSKsh 700,000Buy
Mercury 3 USB Ports Multiport Universal Power StripKsh 1,700Buy
Mercury 3000VA Single Phase Online UPSKsh 64,000Buy
Mercury 3KVA Single Phase Online UPSKsh 63,000Buy
Mercury 6 Way Surge Protector Extension CableKsh 16,000Buy
Mercury 6KVA Online Single Phase UPSKsh 160,000Buy
Mercury Elite 12V 9AH UPS batteryKsh 3,000Buy
Mercury Elite 1500 Pro Line Interactive UPSKsh 12,500Buy
Mercury Elite 2000VA Pro Offline UpsKsh 13,500Buy
Mercury Elite 3000VA Line Interactive UPSKsh 25,000Buy
Mercury Elite 3kva Pro-Line Interactive UPSKsh 25,000Buy
Mercury Elite 650VA Pro Line Interactive UPSKsh 4,500Buy
Mercury Envy 1500VA Rackmount smart UPSKsh 37,000Buy
Mercury Envy 3000VA Rackmount/Tower smart UPSKsh 63,000Buy
Mercury envy series 1-10KVA rail kitKsh 6,800Buy
Mercury Maverick 1050VA Offline UPSKsh 7,500Buy
Mercury Maverick 1550VA Offline UPSKsh 10,500Buy
Mercury Maverick 850VA Offline UPSKsh 4,500Buy
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