CCTV Cameras Sale and Installation Kenya

CCTV Cameras Sale and Installation Kenya

CCTV Cameras Sale and Installation Kenya

CCTV footage resolution CCTV camera resolution is measured in lines – the higher this is, the sharper the image will be. Image quality is also linked to the size and type of chip the camera uses.

Generally speaking, smaller CMOS chips are lower quality than larger CCD ones, such as 1/4″ and 1/3″. Cameras with tiny chips also tend to be able to pick up less light, and therefore produce lower-quality images in low light.

The light sensitively is measured in lux, which can range from 130,000 to 0.001 lux. The lower the lux, the better the camera will be at recording when there isn’t a lot of light. You’ll need high-quality images – sufficiently clear for someone to be identified – if CCTV footage is to be used as evidence in court.

However, for the best detail, you need a high resolution – this tends to make the camera more expensive, and can take up a lot of storage space. Also make sure the date and time used to ‘tag’ images are set accurately.

You can buy cameras on their own, or as part of a whole security package. You will need to buy some equipment to accompany the camera, depending on what type you choose, such as connectors and a digital video recorder (DVR) to store and view the footage. You can also buy dummy cameras.

CCTV is just one line of defense against crime, and works best when combined with other measures, such as a burglar alarm, door and window locks, gravel around your property, and security lights.

Our video surveillance camera range includes indoor / outdoor cameras, IR night vision, dome, bullet and PTZ cameras, IP and megapixel options.

CCTV HD Analog Cameras

These are the most common and best-value type of camera, where a wire connects directly from the camera to the monitor. The downside is that the wires, including extension cables and connectors, can be difficult to install. HD analog technology delivers megapixel image quality over standard coaxial cable as well as being easy to install and integrate.

Hikvision HD analogue CCTV Cameras

Hikvision HD Analog CCTV Camera, also known as HD CCTV cameras, are capable of capturing high definition video surveillance footage up to 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). This page contains two types of HD of coax cable type security cameras: AHD and TVI.

 CCTV Camera Pros equally recommends both camera types and we have surveillance DVRs that work with AHD, TVI and analog CCTV cameras. However, some other DVRs only work with one or the other type which is why we carry both.

Dahua HD Analogue CCTV Camera

Dahua CCTV Products products are highly demanded by the customers for their high performance, super quality, low maintenance, high strength and longer service life. In addition to this, we are also offering Installation and Fire Alarm Monitoring Services to our valued clients.

CCTV Network IP Security Cameras

These are cameras that use your network or internet portal to send images to your computer’s router, allowing you to access the footage over the internet from remote locations. We offer a range of IP cameras offering HD image quality, H.264 compression to conserve bandwidth, PoE power, and remote monitoring.

Hikvision IP CCTV Camera

The hikvision camera comes in many three form i.e dome cameras, PTZ cameras, and bullet cameras, They are developed to suit every environment, i.e night and day cameras. Hikvision has invested a lot in Access control with a biometric fingerprint scanner and time attendance to help in traffic control in the office.

Dahua IP Network CCTV Camera

Dahua CCTV offer high-quality resolutions and clear images, At Mall+254 we are the leading dealer for dahua dome and dahua bullet CCTV cameras.

Digital Video Recorders

Storing CCTV images most systems use a PC hard drive, cloud, standalone digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). The main advantage of PC-connected systems is that they often come with software to view the images. Some DVR-based systems also have this facility.

Make sure your system allows you to store images in a widely used format, such as Mpeg. Otherwise there may be problems if images need to be downloaded and viewed on other systems, such as those used by the police or courts. In addition our cameras can record high-quality images, the PC or DVR is able to record them.

Hikvision DVR recorders

A Hikvision Digital Video Recorders (DVR) is designed for wired analog Digital security cameras. They use siamese BNC cabling for a flexible and easy camera connection. Our DVRs come in 4, 8,  16 and 32 channel options.

Dahua DVR Recorders

Our hybrid DVRs can record video and data from both analog and IP cameras and can support up to 32 cameras from one recorder.

Network Video Recorders NVR

Our network recorders are capable of recording anywhere from 1 to 32 network IP and megapixel surveillance cameras, with up to 4TB of built-in storage.

Hikvision NVR Recorders

Hikvision embedded Network Video Recorders offer the benefits of managing bandwidth and storage with the latest H.265+ compression technology. The all-in-one NVRs have powerful capabilities, supporting up to 32 MP resolution for recording.

Ultra-high-definition output up to 4K is now supported on all NVR models, from entry level to professional models. For data safety, Hikvision Network Video Recorders provide RAID, N+1 hot spare and ANR functions, ensuring stable and reliable video recording. With Deep Learning units, Hikvision video recording becomes more powerful and more intelligent than ever.

Dahua NVR Recorder

Dahua Ultra, Pro, and Lite Series network recorders are tailored to fit different applications. Ultra Series recorders offer the best performance and highest quality. Pro Series devices are perfect for mid-large size businesses and projects which require a balance between performance and budget. Lite Series recorders are designed for optimum cost performance with strict Dahua quality standards.

Dahua network recorders are equipped with various video channel capacities and physical sizes to cater to various use cases. Up to 256CH/unit with 4U size is suitable for applications with high recording requirements but without additional IP storage to on save costs, such as in schools, casino, building complexes, etc. 4CH/unit small box recorders are typically used in applications at home or small businesses like retail shops.

Benefits of installing CCTV cameras

The following are the reasons for installing CCTV cameras and the benefits of installing them:

1. Avoid internal and external theft

Every business owner realizes that they have to protect themselves and their business from unnecessary damage from both inside and outside factors; inside being employee theft and external ranging from burglary, thieves or irritant neighbors. More than 33% of all business goes bankrupt due to employee theft and the rest incur huge losses.

In such cases having CCTV surveillance eliminates your blind spot, watches over employees, and stamps out employee theft or property damage before it ever happens.

2. Crime prevention

CCTV cameras function as the perfect deterrents against criminals, as buglers are less likely to break into a place where they might get caught on camera. This is an important factor for small business, which is seen as the easiest targets by such bandits looking for opportunity.  Security services in such cases take extra care and try to cover black and venerable spots to give 100% twenty-four hours security.

3. Evidence collection

Although the CCTV camera deters most criminals, some take the chance and end up being caught on camera. You can find a lot of such footage on Google. Apart from clogging up the internet with their mischief, CCTV footage like these also serves as a great tool for evidence gathering and lead extraction. These tapes serve as solid evidence and help in solving crimes by giving insight into the criminals’ technique.

4. Staff security

Safeguarding your employees is as important as protecting your asset. CCTV encourages good behavior and helps avoid any complication due to employee violence or outside intruders. For example, nearly 17 percent of all fatal injuries in the US, in 2011 were due to workplace violence i.e.  780 fatal work injuries per year.

5. Private and sensitive area surveillance

Every business has areas which have special or sensitive information which you don’t want everyone accessing; for banks, it’s their locker rooms, for chef’s their recipe locker, for other small business -cash register. The installation of CCTV cameras in such location discourages anyone from entering these locations and protects your secret.

Trade secrets are an important part of the business, it is what sets them apart from their competition and to have that leaked can prove detrimental to the organization whether it’s big or small.

6. Customer satisfaction ensurance

A satisfied customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer means good business. But unfortunately, you cannot be there all the time to watch over your employees. CCTV camera enables you to keep watch remotely and if this is not possible, you can watch recorded tapes to see performance and asses’ merits.

This helps you in taking necessary step and increased service quality.

7. Protection against false liability lawsuits

According to realist perspective, people are always trying to take advantage of others.  This is most common with false lawsuits. CCTV footage helps you prove your viewpoint and avoid such claims. However, in some cases, lawyers advise their clients to wait 4-6 months before filing claims. This is done because most surveillance footage is stored for about 4-6 months after which it is destroyed along with the evidence against them. So it is smart business to have lifetime storage of CCTV footage so that you can use it whenever necessary.

8. Curb sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a very real threat in the workplace and its prohibition by the law does little to prevent it. CCTV cameras function as the ‘eye in the sky’ and nip would be offenders before sprouting. It also gives female employees a sense of security and safety.

Apart from the obvious security benefits, there are also economic benefits. CCTV security systems are designed to last a lifetime, so small business can easily find CCTV systems that fit their budget. In this day and age, small business security cameras are a necessary evil we cannot do without.

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