Advantages / Benefits of APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS Power Backup


Advantages / Benefits of APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS Power Backup

Investing in UPS Power backup may be expensive but worth it in the long run. UPS backup not only protects your equipment from damages as a result of the power surge but keeps you working as it has enough power to keep your equipment working until the power is back.

UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is a small device that is connected between your computer and the outlet providing you with power. Its job is simple: to receive power and transmit it to your computer.

 UPS has a battery, thus the term “uninterruptible”, that kicks in should your power source be compromised. However, it offers many other valuable benefits including:

1. Protection Against Power Outages

Although power outages are not very common, they do happen from time to time. A bad thunderstorm, car crash that downs power lines or a power grid overload can cause a blackout.

When this occurrence occurs one finds it hard to continue working, to avoid disruption of your power source we advise our clients to have APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS connected to their equipment.

2. Protection Against Power Variances

Variances in the power supply can cause damage to delicate equipment like computers. With a UPS backup battery, you will protect your computer from these variances since the UPS unit acts as a filter, allowing only a steady stream of even power to reach your machine.

Due to the unprecedented occurrence of a power outage, when power is restored it may come back with a higher current that might damage your equipment. To avoid this we advise our client to connect their equipment to APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS

Variances may include.

 Spikes – A voltage increase that lasts a very short time may be caused by a lightning strike or fallen power lines.

Surges – These short increases in power last longer than spikes and typically show up when a large device such as a commercial air conditioner shuts off. This causes variance in the power supply in the building and can damage your computer due to heat.

Brownouts – A brownout is basically the opposite of a surge, but can last for longer periods of time. A dip in energy may be caused when a large appliance, such as an air conditioner, is running.

Noise – Interference to the power supply in the form of electronic magnetic interference or radio frequency interference can distort signals. This interference is caused by high-energy equipment such as welders and transmitters.

3. Data Protection

Damage was done to your computer or servers as a result of power surges or other variances can mean you lose data.  APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS will help protect your data as the machine keeps working even when the power goes off.

4. Keeping Work Safe

APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS  gives the user ample time to save their work. When the power goes off suddenly and you haven’t saved your work it is very frustrating? Your data has been lost and you must start from zero, or close to it.

However, a UPS backup battery will give you enough time to work through the power outage or at least allow you to save your work.

5. Saving Time

In the previous scenario, not only do you lose work, you lose time. The not only time in redoing work that you had already finished but also the time it takes for the power to come back on, for your machine to reboot and for you to reopen the files you were working on.

6. Confidence

APC UPS, Mecer UPS, Mercury UPS & Eaton UPS backup battery gives you peace of mind while working. You won’t have to cringe when a thunderstorm rolls throughwondering if it would be better to simply power down your machine and wait it out.

In addition, you won’t have those fears in the back of your mind that a power blackout may instantly cut off your work, wasting your time and efforts.

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