Best Power Extention Cable Kenya

Power extension cable enables one to move power source from one area to another, some extension cable comes with a surge protector that protects your equipment from damage from excess current due to more current. Extention cables come in different sizes and with different futures, Power extension cables come with USB ports that enable one to directly charge your phone without having a power adapter.

Advantages of having Power Extention Cables

Extension cables have so many advantages that one can choose from before buy an extension cable please check the advantages.

  1. Use Electricity Even in Areas Not Right By a Plug

Power sockets are not located at every corner in your house, Power extension cables help you have power at every corner. You don’t have to wake up to go charge your phone on another room. Buy Tronic, Powermax, Office point, and JSB extension cable and have them delivered.

  • Keep Your Home Looking Better

If you have cords all over the place, they can look disorganized and messy. You likely don’t want your home to look unattractive or unkept. Instead of having that issue, investing in extension cords is a good idea. You can keep all of your electronic cords more tucked away and maintain a clean and orderly appearance.

  • Keep Your Family Safe

If you have issues with your cords, it could create an unsafe space. You don’t want to risk anyone tripping over excess cords. When you use extension cords, you can keep cords more out of the way so that everyone stays safe and can walk freely around your home.

  • Use More Than One Device at Once

Sometimes you’ll have a need to use multiple devices or electronics at once. It can be frustrating having to unplug one item to make room for another. The good news is you don’t have to do that anymore once you buy extension cords. Most have several electric outlets available, allowing you to use a mix of electronics at the same time. Talk about convenience and ease.

Best Power Extention Cable For an extension cable to be considered effective and good, it must contain some qualities it must have.

  1. Have your extension leads regularly checked by an electrician.
  2. Do not place extension cables under mats, rugs or carpets.
  3. Never overload an extension cable.
  4. Get the right sized extension cable and do not connect extension cables together.
  5. Always check your extension cable before plugging it in and never roll up a plugged-in extension cable.
  6. Keep your extension cable switched off or plugged out if not in use.

Tronic Power Extention Cables

Tronic Extention cables come in both 4 way and 6 Way Socket Extension Cable.  A Tronic Extention cable is the ideal plug for all your electronic devices‎‎. Tronic extension cables Come with a 5M or 10m  cable, making it long enough for home, office, or school.‎‎‎Made of heat-resistant hard ABS plastic making it withstand overheating. Tronic 5M and 10M Extention cable Feet long cable come with extra reach Heat resistant hard ABS plastic to withstand overheating Safety shuttered sockets Ideal for all electrical devices Ideal for both indoor & outdoor.

Powermax Power Extention Cable

Power extensions are designed to extend power to areas that initially had no power. Powermax comes in both four ways and six-way. Some come with a surge protectors that helps protect your equipment from power surges.

JSB Power Extention Cable

JSB Power extension cable is designed for performance, it comes in both 4 ways and six ways, with a power cord of 5 meter or 10M.

APC Power Extention Cable

APC surge protector with battery backup so you get guaranteed protection from surges while staying connected when outages occur. Need protection on the go? In addition to residential surge protectors, we carry RV surge protector indoor/outdoor cords