Advantages of Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic cordless phones have so many advantages, ranging from signal radius, cost of buying them, and moveability.

1. Flexibility and increased mobility

Imagine having a company that involves movement to multiple locations in order to service your customers yet all that your company has are phones with cords. That can be quite frustrating as it would not only limit any work-related movements but also have negative effects on your company’s communication process. Cordless phones allow free roaming exceeding 150 feet. Therefore, a vote for cordless phone is a vote for flexibility.

2. Low Cost of installations

The price of installation of phones is largely influenced by the size of your company’s operation space. Therefore, installation of phones where needed can be rather expensive. However, opting of cordless phones is a cost-effective option as the only requirement is a power outlet. You do not have to deal with the added expense of expensive wiring and jacks.

3. Flexible Functionality

Reading through the features listed earlier on that one should look for in a cordless phone has probably give you an inkling of how vast the features of a good cordless phone are. Well, all those features greatly contribute to the overall functionality of a cordless phone making it a very attractive option as you get to do away with having to deal with cords. A win-win situation.

4. Clarity and quality of sound

Did you know that a cordless phone sound quality is guaranteed to be better than that of even the crème de la crème of cell phones? Well, now you do. Cordless phones are not only clearer but also sound better. There have been several studies that prove that talking and listening on cordless phones sounds way better, to put it simply.

5. Larger coverage

Did you know that you can enhance a cordless phone by connecting more antennas to expand your range and coverage?If not, then it is time to do so. After all, a bigger range and coverage is always welcome as it serves to increase mobility, productivity and even customer service.

6. Dead zone avoidance

Having a cordless phone in your company makes it possible to avoid dead zones. Dead zones occur when a building’s general construction the movement of signals in and out of the building. The lack of a cordless phone can make the placing of important business calls impossible as you would be unable to move to other points of the building to avoid dead zones.

Now, you might have been unimpressed by the presence of phones with cords in your company but holding back from making the move to cordless phones. Well, you have not only read on the features to look for but also the benefits of cordless phones for your company. So, what are you waiting for? The time to make the move is now. And if what you have in your company is an old model cordless phone, then the time to upgrade is also now!