Advantages of Panasonic Office Telephone

  • Panasonic Office telephone make sure you never miss a client’s call again with forward to your cell phone feature available from your desk phone or from your voice mail greeting.
  • Panasonic offers a superior cordless phone that allows you to roam freely in your building or warehouse.
  • Use a computer as a telephone for any time/anywhere access to your phone systems’ features. Road warriors, salespeople, and support staff use all the advanced desktop productivity tools just like they were in the office.
  • Listen to your voice mail via your email or cell phone while you are out of the office.
  • With the use of the Communication Assistant, when a voicemail caller speaks quickly, softly, or is otherwise hard to understand, use on-screen voicemail controls to pause, rewind, adjust playback speed, and control volume to easily hear their message.
  • Make and transfer calls to any extension on your phone system including phones at different locations.
  • Search, add, and manage contacts more quickly and powerfully than ever.
  • Streamline your operations with a single Panasonic phone system that can handle multiple companies. By using unique ring tones to identify which company is being called, a centralized receptionist can easily answer and route calls.