Best Desktop Computers in Kenya

Shopping for a desktop computer for your home use or office use can be tiresome and time consuming if one does not know what to look for in a computer. Mtech Networks limited is the leading desktop computers dealer in the entire east Africa region. Our main desktop brands includes Dell desktop computers, Lenovo desktop Computers, Hp desktop Computers, Imac and Asus Desktop Computers.

What you need to know before purchasing a desktop Computer

When entering into the world of computers it can get very easy to get confused and loose sight of your goals and sometimes your budget. Here’s the top 10 things to consider

  1. Desktop Processor

This is the most important factor when choosing a computer nowadays and there are many factors in processor choice the main thing is that in my opinion Intel are at the moment making the best chips and their core 2 duo range is the best so go for one in this family and you will be ok.

  • RAM (Computer Memory)

Essentially, the more rams you have, the more browsers and applications you can open. 4Gb is the most basic nowadays. 8GB is the sweet spot for most people. If you are a gamer, photo or video editor, or planning to do CAD/CAM work, you need at least 16GB of Ram. Make sure you get windows vista 64bit as your operating system.

  • Hard Drive/ Solid state Drive

Computers today usually come with 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB both in the normal hard disk and solid state hard disk , As more people are storing their information online on cloud storage, you may want to rethink of buying a huge hard drive space.

The choice of hard disk to use depend entirely on what a person intend to use the desktop for, if the desktop is for educational use, 500GB would be enough, but if the desktop belongs to a graphic designer or the use is gaming then huge space would be enough.

  • NVIDIA or AMD Graphics

Now all computers come with some form of graphics built in. But my recommendation is to go with something a little better possibly from NVIDIA or AMD. They make your computer resolution better. AMD cards are good for mining while NVidia is good for Adobe programs.

If the desktop is for gaming, my advice would be take a desktop that has Nvidia dedicated graphics, from 2GB graphics that would be okay.

  • Computer Software

Most computers comes comes with free DOS, meaning you will be required to install windows operating system to your computers, few computers comes pre-installed with. The most updated and stable windows is windows 10 which comes in various packages that includes.

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 enterprice
  • Windows 10 pro
  • Anti-Virus Software

The last thing to do with the actual computer is a good virus and spy ware package. Don’t be under any illusion this is possibly the most important part of protecting your computer. It will get attacked at some point be prepared when it does. Our most ranking antivirus and internet securities includes Kaspersky Antivirus, Norton, Esset and Escan antivirus.

HP Desktop Computers

HP desktop computer is a practical choice with a wide array of features that vary in categories such as memory, storage, video processing capabilities and support for accessories. It allows you to tackle tasks ranging from everyday computing to business, gaming, multimedia and hosting a server.

Dell Desktop Computers

Dell desktop computers features a broad variety of PCs to suit every budget, including accessibly priced entry-level computers, sleek, space-saving all-in-one models and high-spec gaming PCs.

Dell desktop PCs offer affordable everyday multitasking – perfect for all those straightforward computing tasks, like Microsoft Office, catching up on emails and streaming your favourite films, TV shows and music.

Lenovo Desktop Computers

Whether you’re looking for a stylish entertainment all-in-one desktop, an easy-to-upgrade tower powerhouse, a reliable family desktop – or even a desktop so small it can fit in your pocket – Lenovo has a PC to hit your sweet spot. We even offer an innovative portable all-in-one that also serves as a giant tabletop tablet.

Core i3 HP/  Dell & Lenovo Desktops

Hp core i3 desktop computers is desgned to offer the user the ability to work without having any interuptions, Core i3 are best suited for light task for office and home. We stock dell core i3 desktops, Lenovo core i3 Desktops and Hp core i3 desktops.

Core i5 HP/ Dell & Lenovo Desktop Computers

Core i5 desktop are designed for middle to heavy task, at Mtech networks stock HP desktop computers, Lenovo desktop computers and dell desktop computers .

Core i7 HP/ Dell & Lenovo Desktop Computers

Core I 7 desktop computers are designed for performance, they come with 8GB ram or 4GB RAM that can be upgraded to 32GB RAM