Best Desktop Computers Prices Kenya

A desktop is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table due to its size and power requirements. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard (a printed circuit board with a microprocessor as the central processing unit (CPU), memory, bus, and other electronic components

Brand new desktops

Desktops and all-in-ones that combine productivity and entertainment, Desktop from Mtech Networks comes with the latest processors, ample storage space and immersive Cinematic viewing. Our top desktop brands include HP desktops, Dell desktops, Lenovo desktops, and iMac.

EX-UK / Refurbished Desktops

Mtech Networks is the safe choice for buying cheap, quality, professionally refurbished desktops, laptops and accessories from brands such as Apple desktops, Lenovo Desktops, Dell desktops, Toshiba desktops, and HP desktops.

All our  Refurbished computers come ready to go, but you can customize them to meet your specific needs by upgrading your hard drive, memory, operating system, adding WiFi, and more. Whether you need a PC for browsing the Internet, doing homework or helping your business grow, we’ve got something for you.

HP Desktops

HP desktops are high performance, whether brand new or refurbished. Brand new desktops from Mtech Networks comes in all generation. We have core 2 dual desktops, core i3 desktops, core i5 desktops and core i7 desktops. With from our 3rd generation to 8th generation desktop, we become the leading seller of new desktops and certified refurbished.

Our refurbished desktops are certified hence they meet the set standards. We have core 2 dual refurbished desktops with 6 months warranty.

Dell Desktops

Dell desktop delivers essential performance, security and manageability feature to match your productivity needs.  Dell desktops are available in the mini-tower and small form factor chassis

@ Mtech Networks we stock both brand new and refurbished Dell desktops, Our new desktops range from Core i3 desktops, core i5 desktops, and core i7 desktops, our refurbished desktops are in core 2 dual form.

Lenovo Desktops

Lenovo desktops are made for everyone; whether you are a home, academic, or business user. Lenovo has built up a great reputation for producing reliable tech and their PCs enjoy an extended lifecycle making them outstanding value for money.

Lenovo desktops come in two forms i.e tower and ultra-small form factors, at Mtech Networks we have both new and refurbished desktops, Our new desktops include all in one desktop, core i3 desktops, core i5 desktops, and core i7 desktops. Our refurbished desktops come in core 2 dual form that offers impressive performance in the users day to day operations.

Imac Desktops

Imac desktop has experience that draws you in and keeps you there. The new iMac desktops is packed with all-new processors, the latest graphics technologies, innovative storage, and higher-bandwidth connectivity. And it all comes to life on the brightest and most colorful Retina display iMac has ever seen. So you get an even more immersive experience

Desktops come in four categories.

Business Desktops

Business desktops should be powerful and speedy as they power the work lives of professionals across the world.  Business desktops are Engineered to maximize productivity, they’re durable, reliable, and secure. The best business desktops include. Our business desktops range from HP, DELL, Lenovo, and Imac

1.            Dell OptiPlex 3050 Microcore i3 4GB RAM 500GB HDD

2.            Apple iMac Pro 64 GB RAM 1TB SSD

3.            Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Core i7 64GB RAM 1TB HDD

4.            Dell Optiplex 3030 core i5 4GB RAM 500 HDD

5.            Apple Mac mini Core i5 4GB RAM 500GB HDD

6.            HP ProDesk 400 G4 Tower CORE I7 8GB RAM 256SSD

Gaming Desktops

Having the best gaming desktop help you Dominate your competitors. gaming desktops are supposed to boast powerful discrete graphics, high-end processors, and maxed-out storage and memory, top brands that have gaming capability include, HP desktops, Dell desktops, Lenovo desktops, and iMac desktops.

1.            Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop (5680)

2.            Asus ROG Strix GL12CX core i9 1TB HDD

Family and Entertainment Desktops

Whether you’re looking for a stylish entertainment all-in-one desktop, an easy-to-upgrade tower powerhouse, a reliable family desktop – or even a desktop so small it can fit in your pocket  Mtech Networks has desktops to meet your every day need.  Our family desktop ranges from HP desktops, Dell desktops, Lenovo desktops, and iMac desktops