Biometric Staff/ Employee Time Attendance System Installation

Staff Time attendance System Kenya from Mtech makes management of employees so easy and effective in an organization, once installed and integrated with employees’ database the organization is able to manage employees with ease. Staff biometric time management system record every time that employees log in and every time they log out.

Staff biometric time attendance system enables the management to keep track of days and hours that employees reported for work. The first log in into the system is detected as of when the employee reports for work while the last login is assumed as the time the customer closes the days work.

Staff biometric time attendance terminal is designed in a way that they can record the fingerprint of the employees, Biometric cards, numeric numbers, and eye sensors. With this capability, the biometric terminal captures everyone including disadvantaged groups. At Mtech we work with a qualified group of engineers and IT gurus to make sure that we capture and solve our customer’s needs.

Staff Biometric time attendance terminal is designed in a way that it can be installed in offices, warehouses, godowns and even in schools where it captures students’ school attendance schedules. Our best selling time attendance brands include Suprema, ZKteco, Safran Morpho by Idemia, Secugen among others.

As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to register over one thousand fingerprints and store all logs in the system’s database. Like our other security products, our biometric time attendance systems can be advanced by integration with biometric access control systems. Our Employee clocking system or Staff attendance management system can be used by human resources to assist in time management and payroll.

Our many years of experience of more, we have done work on.

  • We have implemented School attendance management Systems that send SMS and Email alerts to designated contacts when students get to school and clock in or leave school and clock out.
  • We have also implemented meal management systems where only staff and students who have made payments can have their meals as the system bars those who have not paid.
  • Our transport management systems have been used by learning institutions and companies to manage school and staff buses.
  • Mobile biometric devices are in use for the management of workers at construction sites and salespeople in the field. These systems can be used in areas with minimal access to electricity as they have inbuilt batteries.

Time attendance terminal interface is very simple and easy to learn and use. Equally, there is a web-based dashboard that supports real-time updates for employee logs. IP based connectivity: the system supports TCP/IP communication protocol. In other words, it allows for connection via the RJ45 connection interface. Furthermore, the database will be accessed through the RS232/485 port.

Zkteco Time attendance Terminal.

Zkteco time attendance terminal is designed to offer the best user experience, they are built putting into consideration the high experience that the manufacturers have .

ZKteco time attendance Workforce Management is an integrated set of processes that an institution uses to optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. ZKTeco has been at the forefront of time management solutions for the last 30 years, integrating advanced biometric technologies with innovative and versatile terminals. As we know that no two projects are the same we have ensured to offer a large and versatile range of options so that you can provide your client with the ideal and unique solution.

K40 ZK teco Biometric Time Attendance System with fingerprint ID

F18 ZKTeco Biometric Access Control Terminal

Zkteco iClock 680 – Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

ZKTeco iCLOCK 880 Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

Hikvision Biometric time attendance terminal

Hikvision fingerprint time attendance terminal is designed with a 2.8-inch LCD display screen. It supports swiping a card or scanning fingerprint for attendance, generating the attendance report automatically. Offline operation, wired network (TCP/IP) and wireless network transmission modes are supported as well.

DS-KB2421-IM  hikvision video intercom water proof door station

Suprema Biometric Time attendance terminal

Suprema’s time attendance management solution simplifies employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours and collection of time & attendance data. Suprema’s time  attendance  delegated authentication is impossible because it is a biometrics-based time & attendance management system and you can set up various types of work schedule/work shift.

 Suprema biometric time attendance system enables human resources management and time & attendance management in one system since you can easily connect with HR or ERP systems and easily see personalized time & attendance reports and calendar view at a glance.