Bixolon Label / Barcode printers Dealer in Nairobi

Bixolon POS receipt, barcode and label printer provide a portable printing solution for any organization, Bixolon printers provide an economical, affordable yet affordable retail and industrial point of sales services.

Bixolon Point of sales printers provides an uncompromising level of connectivity, with USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth built-in. This provides your organisation with the freedom it needs to integrate the printers with its current systems.

Bixolon printers range of printers offers high quality, front exit printing at speeds up to 350mm/sec.  This print speed ensures that all print is clear and that your customers receive their receipt without a wait.

Bixolon printers Liquid-Barrier technology provides water and dust protection provides you with a long-term solution to your printing needs.

Bixolon Retail POS printers

Bixolon POS printers offers, In-store operations solutions, direct selling and direct store delivery, Bixolon POS  printers In-store operations combine the technologies required for personalised and unique customer experience, covering people management to product inventory, cash operations, data management, offers and pricing.

Bixolon POS printers offer superior range provides printing solutions for a range of in-store activities such as POS, queue busting, self-service, price control labelling and ticketing, online order response and more.

Bixolon POS Printers provide superfast print speeds and excellent reliability. You may need to print receipts at a dining table or print a ticket for an event.

Providing quick and reliable service will keep customers coming back. Providing great POS (point-of-sale) service also keeps customer traffic flowing. We offer intuitive printing solutions for every market.

Bixolon POS printers are compatible with all major operating systems. Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ & Symbian™ Bixolon printers offer easy set up with smart devices including tablet-based applications and Smart devices. Our products are easy to hold. They measure up to 3 inches to create more ease on the job at hand.

Bixolon POS printers range of intuitive payment printing solutions allow users to perform various activities ranging from invoicing, payment and customer membership services instantly while in the field.

Bixolon SRP-330II POS Printers

Bixolon SRP-350III POS thermal printer

Bixolon SRP-S300 POS thermal printer

Bixolon SPP-R2002 mobile desktop receipt printer

Bixolon label printers for Health care

Bixolon label printers for heath care print labels and wristbands which are used when admitting patients, Bixolon wristband printing printers and coloured wristbands, enables the health facilities to correctly identify patients and their diagnostics.

Wristbands printed using bixolon printers makes sure that the correct treatment, correct medicine and the right procedure is administered to the right patient.

Bixolon mobile and fixed printer solutions can be carried, mounted or cart-based for your barcode and RFID identification needs.

Bixolon SLP-DX420 4” direct thermal label and barcode printer

Bixolon SLP-DX220 2” direct thermal barcode label printer

Bixolon SLP-DL410 4” direct thermal label and barcode printer

Bixolon SLP-TX420 ” direct thermal label and barcode printer

BIXOLON SPP-R200III 2” receipt / label mobile printer

Bixolon SRP-E770III economical 4” direct thermal label printer

Bixolon SRP-330II Thermal label printer

Bixolon label and barcode printers for the Manufacturing industry

Bixolon label printers offer fixed or mobile printers to deliver all your labelling needs with a mobile printer. Bixolon label printers are used to print labels that are attached to packages for easy sorting while storing in the warehouse.

Bixolon barcode printers are very relevant in manufacturing industry as they print barcode that are attached to packages, when dispatching the goods it reduces the work to be done as the storekeeper only need to scan the barcode to remove the products from the stock.

Bixolon printers offer secure dual-band WLAN, so you can safely handle data and place printing where needed with mobile and fixed printers up to 600dpi resolution.

Bixolon labelling printers IP-rated, ruggedised printers to handle your printing requirements and thanks to their wired or wireless connectivity options the data can be sent from various OS devices, plus media capacity and battery life ensures a long working day.

Bixolon XT5-40 Industrial Label | Barcode Printer

Bixolon SRP-F312 Thermal Printer

Bixolon label printers for hospitality

Bixolon label printers are used to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. beverange products, food products and samples in the hospitality industry, Bixolon printers are also used in booking tickets for travelling, booking hotel rooms whereby they print the relevant receipts.

Bixolon SRP-S300 – 3” Linerless Label Printer

Bixolon SPP-R2002 mobile desktop receipt printer

Bixolon label printers for Government services.

Bixolon label printers are used by government facilities  for point of sales services, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. busting, self-service, price control labelling and ticketing, online order response and more.

Bixolon SRP-S300 – 3” Linerless Label Printer

Bixolon SRP-275 Dot matrix Impact Receipt Printer