D-Link routers Prices Nairobi Kenya

D-Link routers Prices Nairobi Kenya, d-link routers provides stronger and faster Wi-Fi for 4K streaming and gaming on multiple devices.  they Provide relaible high-power Wi-Fi for up to 6,000 sq. ft. of seamless coverage, they  Automatically connects devices to the strongest signal as users move through the home, all while using single Network Name (SSID)

D-Link DWR-730 HSPA+ 3G Mobile Router

Ksh 9,000

D-LINK DAP-1155 Wireless multimode router

Ksh 14,000

D-Link DSL-504T 4 Port ADSL Modem Router

Ksh 6,800

D-Link DIR-655 Wireless N Gigabit Firewall Router

Ksh 12,400

D-Link DWR-512-E 4 Port 150 MB 3G Router

Ksh 6,500

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Home Router with 4 Port 10/100 Switch

Ksh 7,500

D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N300 Cloud Router

Ksh 4,000

D-Link DIR-524 Wireless N 150 Router

Ksh 6,700

D-Link DPR-1061 3-Port Multifunction Print Server

Ksh 11,500