Dell Desktops Computers Prices Kenya

Dell Desktops in Nairobi, Dell desktop combines productivity and entertainment with the latest processors, ample storage space and immersive Dell Cinema. Dell desktops are designed to provide all the essentials and flexibility your business needs, in innovative form factors. Dell futures features versatile, space-saving form factors and 9th generation Intel® Processors to unleash your full potential.

Dell Gaming desktops

Dell Gaming Alienware desktops Fuel the epic win and enjoy the most immersive PC gaming experience anywhere. Choose from ultra-powerful desktops powered by high-end components. Dell Gaming Alienware desktops are designed and engineered to meet the performance needs of those new to PC gaming, or those gaming on a budget. Now featuring new low pricing on select configurations with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics.

Dell gaming desktop with easy upgradeability and 9th Gen Intel Core processors, VR-capable GPUs and massive memory. is a Dell desktop VR-ready Alienware PC, enabling you to experience the future of gaming. The new 9th Gen Intel® processor helps provide amazing responsiveness to have incredibly smooth game play at virtually any framerate.

Dell gaming desktop offers options like NVIDIA® GeForce RTX graphics and AMD® Radeon™ graphics with added support for dual graphics and up to 600W of combined graphics power. Dell gaming laptop futures an improved airflow pattern from the previous generation.

A new chassis design ensures airflow moves more fluidly and efficiently to reduce CPU temperatures while fans operate slower. Lower temperatures mean performance with more stability and higher overclocking which results in higher frames per second while gaming.

Dell gaming desktop is thoughtfully engineered with an innovative PSU swing-arm, which enables a variety of benefits like tool-less graphics and expansion bays and compact chassis size. It also allows graphics cards to be perfectly positioned for purposeful airflow. We ensured the swing-arm carries the power supply which allows for airflow through the side vent while securing and reducing vibrations during shipping to the cards themselves.

Dell workforce business Desktops

Dell workforce business Desktops Tower and small form factor desktops designed for impressive performance and expandability. With outstanding versatility and optional Intel® vPro.  Dell’s workforce desktops memory gives you instant access to your favorite files and applications. Depending on the needs of the user, frequently used applications and files are pre-loaded to speed up access and achieve unprecedented response speed. You don’t have to sacrifice storage space. With Intel® Optane memory, everyday tasks can be up to twice as fast.

Core i3 Dell Desktops

Core i3 Dell Desktops have been reimagined to enhance the enjoyment that comes with owning a Dell desktop. Core i3 Dell Desktops revolutionary design saves space without compromising system performance and features multiple expansion slots for future upgrades.

Core i3 Dell Desktops high-capacity hard drive, the latest Intel core i3 processors and improved system cooling, the core i3 Desktop offers the PC performance you deserve. Core i3 Dell Desktops run multiple apps faster and enjoy sharp, high-quality visuals on everything from PowerPoint presentations to video edits with up to 2GB of optional discrete graphics.

Core i3 Dell Desktops state-of-the-art inlet airflow design allows optimal system cooling, so you get the quiet, efficient performance you’ve come to expect from an Inspiron desktop.

Core i5 Dell Desktop

Core i5 Dell Desktop is efficient and fast desktop for daily usage, and thus i5 processors are in demand. It is also because of its affordable range in addition to the speed that it offers manufactures and sells desktops, laptops, computer peripherals and much more. Core i5 dell desktops are of high quality and come with numerous features for the consumers. Core i5 dell desktops come with different screen size monitors, and you can select between 21.5- inch monitor and 24- inch monitor.

Intel Core i5 processors power all the desktops and come with Windows 10 pre-installed. They all have 1 TB ROM so that you can store numerous files and folders without having to think about memory. You get either 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM with the i5 processor desktop. For more details, the price list of 10 Dell i5 processor desktop is given below and it is recently updated on 27th January 2020.

Core i7 Dell Desktop

Core i7 dell desktop is built to grow with you. The functional design features big power and an easy-open chassis for simple expandability.

Dell Intel i7 Quad-Core processor and high-performance graphics mean you get speed and power for video edits, video playback, and gaming—all in a tower that’s 27% smaller than our previous XPS desktop.

Dell Intel i7 desktop ]is engineered for premium high fidelity sound quality and tested to ensure crackles and pops are eliminated. GRAMMY Award-winning Waves MaxxAudio® technology with MaxxSense adapts to the environment, making external speakers sound fuller, louder and clearer.