Electric Fencing Solution in Kenya

Mtech Networks offers a large range of high-quality electric fencing solutions for home, commercial and infrastructure security. Our monitoring technology allows for advanced warning of any fence breach or tampering, and has the capability to identify the specific area should an intrusion occur, meaning that security resources can quickly be directed to where they are required.

Home electric fencing security solutions

Mtech an extensive range of quality and innovative security electric fencing products work to ensure the safety of your home. Our robust fences act as a deterrent to criminals, and provide you with advanced warning, should the fence be tampered with or compromised.

Mtech home electric fencing solutions is Economical, reliable and effective designs have been our focus over the past twenty-five years, ensuring exceptional electric fence performance on a daily basis. Mtech range offers innovative solutions for many types of residential applications, with numerous styles available so that you can choose an aesthetically-pleasing design.

Commercial Electric fencing solutions

Electric Fencing

Mtech has a wide range of advanced electric security fence solutions for commercial applications. Car and boat showrooms, office and commercial parks, caravan, car and motor home displays, outdoor showrooms, and retail complexes are often targeted by criminals and vandals.

Mtech products are durable and robust solutions will provide you with a secure property perimeter, giving you peace of mind that your property, staff, and assets are protected. We have a wide selection of aesthetically-pleasing designs for you to choose from so that you can find the ideal match for your property.

Mtech provides a range of hardware, software, and energizer designs to ensure that reliable, high-security solutions are available to meet your infrastructure security needs. It is vital to protect Government facilities and critical infrastructures such as power distribution facilities, water reservoirs, transport depots, pumping stations, and gas pipelines because disruptions or interferences to these can have large-scale implications for governments, cities and the community as a whole.

Electric fence for Animal Management

Mtech an extensive range of quality and innovative Animal Management electric fencing solutions helps to ensure the safety and well being of your animals. We can provide solutions to cater for most farm types, be it stud and cattle or sheep or goat, and farm sizes, from small lifestyle blocks through to larger stations.

Electric fence confines and secure family pets, from dogs and cats, through to horses. Our Equine solutions also cater to a range of farm sizes, whether a professional or a simple lifestyle farm.

Electric fencing solutions confine and secure game animals, preventing them from escaping and protecting them from threats such as poachers and other predators.

Electric fencing heavy galvanized HT wire

Electric Fencing

Galvanized steel wire is flexible and easy to use. It is coated with Zinc to make it rust resistant. Ideal as a “weaving” wire, it is shiny, versatile, and available in a variety of gauges. It can be used for fencing purposes, strengthening an already existing fence or for electric fencing purposes as it is made from high carbon steel.

Electric Fence Energizers

Energizer is the heart of your fencing system, chosen and installed correctly it will control all types of animals. energizers are the source of electrical current to your fence. This is what determines the “zap” when touched, as long as the fence is properly grounded

Types of Energizers


  • AC Fence Energizers– The most popular of fence energizers, AC energizers are perfect for large areas of fencing. If a reliable source of 110V or 220V power is available, AC Fence energizers are available for fence lines up to 200 miles long. These energizers provide the best output compared to solar or DC-powered units.
  • DC Fence Energizers– Battery-operated or DC-powered electric fence energizers are ideal for a remote location of your property where an electrical outlet is unavailable. These types of energizers use 12-volt, 4-volt, or D-cell batteries which need to be changed out regularly. The more times the fence is grounded (due to how many times your animals touch it, or if there are weeds touching it), the sooner you will have to replace or charge your batteries. Frequently test your fence to confirm that it is hot.
  • Solar-Powered Fence Energizers– Much like the battery-powered option, solar chargers are best in areas where there is not access to an electrical outlet. These solar units contain a battery for energy storage, while the attached solar panel collects the sun’s energy to charge the battery.


Minimum output voltages for different livestock and predator species

SpeciesMinimum VoltageComments
Cattle2000 – 4000Dairy cows are often very quiet and the low end voltage may be sufficient. Bulls can be aggressive and need higher voltage to contain them.
Sheep4000 – 5000Wool is an excellent insulator, so sheep fences need high voltage to ensure the shock is felt.
Goats4000 – 5000Some breeds of goats are well insulated – see comments on sheep
Horses2000 – 3000Stallions can be aggressive and need higher voltage to contain them.
Deer and Elk3000 – 5000
Wolves and Coyotes4000 – 5000Some sources suggest a minimum voltage of 5000 for deterring predators.

The first step in selecting an energizer is to determine your power source. If the fence is close enough, an energizer that plugs into the hydro is often the cheapest and easiest solution. As the fence gets further away from an outlet, running wires becomes expensive and other power options start to look more attractive. Deep-cycling 12 volt marine batteries are another potential power source for an energizer. These work best when you have at least two to swap out – one battery can charge while the other powers the energizer.