Epson printers, Scanners & Copiers prices in Kenya

Epson printers, scanners, and copiers in Kenya, Epson printers are designed for any use, whether you’re at work for commercial purposes or home for light duties, Epson printers are designed in such a way that it accommodated every person irrespective of the business environment they are based.

Epson designs printers for everyone, Epson printers are designed to offer high quality and dependable services and at the same time putting into consideration the price factor. Epson printers are designed with ink tank located on the outside, these future enable the user to monitor the level of ink and know the time to refill the tank.

Epson printer ink tank is relatively cheaper,  ink bottles are affordable and last for a long time – enough for 3,400 photos – which reduces operating costs over time. Anybody can be able to use the Epson printers as they are plug and play machines. Epson offers a wide variety of options – from small and convenient portables to laser printing workhorses and affordable inkjets.

Epson printers for home

Epson printers for home enables the user to work at the comfort of their home, Epson printers are designed to perform print, scan and copy at the time, Wireless Epson printers enables the user to print documents at the comfort of their sofas. Epson printers are designed for performers as their functionality is undisputable, they can print massive workload without overheating or jamming.

Epson is still going strong, producing printers that create clear, crisp documents – and some models have even picked up a few new tricks along the way like scanning, copying, or faxing.

Epson Inkjet printers

Epson Inkjet printers rely on ink cartridges – often one cartridge for black, and one each for all other colors – and are significantly more affordable than laser printers. Inkjet printers are generally slower than laser printers, but most models often include valuable extras with your purchase (such as photo editing software or additional ink cartridges). Inkjet printers are ideal for low- to medium-volume printing environments.

Epson Inkjet printers use a unique heat-free simplified printing technology to produce high-speed, high-quality prints. Without the printer overheating.

Epson inkjet printers are designed for simplicity, Epson printers and all-in-ones are easy-to-use, provide incredible results and are ideal for your everyday tasks – quality printing, copying and scanning anything from photos to homework assignments

Epson inkjet printer is excellent for printing everything from personal and business documents to copies of school, vacation, and holiday pictures. Staple carries several models of Epson® inkjet printers that come in a variety of types, print qualities, speeds, and features, and well as products compatible with most operating systems.

Epson L382 Multifunction Inkjet Printer


Epson Enterprise printers

Epson Enterprise printers are designed for heavy commercial printing, their pricing is relatively high but they always give the owner return on their capital. Epson printers for business are designed with Epson’s heat-free Precision Core technology that delivers high-speed, high-quality business colors with high-yield ink systems.

Epson printers have high-capacity ink supplies and fewer serviceable parts which mean lower cost of managing the printers for the owner, and fewer interventions as the printer will go for a very long period before it starts demanding the replacement of some of its parts.

Epson Laser printers

Epson Laser printers use toner instead of ink, which does not smear as easily and requires no time to dry. Epson Laser printers are generally more expensive (and toner is definitely more expensive than ink), but these printers have fewer moving parts, so they last much longer. Laser printers are best for high-volume environments and situations where the text is printed more often than photos.

Epson All-in-One printers

Epson All-in-ones are printers that also include a scanner and a modem, so you can scan, copy, and fax documents directly from your printer. All-in-ones are generally more expensive, but these printers still represent a bargain when compared to buying a separate scanner or fax machine.

Epson all-in-ones printers or AIOs from MTECH NETWORKS, bring consumers a range of features beyond printing. Epson All-in-One printer can also copy and scan, and many—especially business MFPs—add faxing to the mix. Epson All-in-One favorites range from small models suitable for home or home-office use that are price favorable, that are able to anchor a busy workgroup, with duty cycles of tens of thousands of pages a month.

Epson printers In addition to a USB port, many MFPs include Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi connections for easy sharing. If you prefer Wi-Fi, keep in mind that if you have a wireless access point on your network, you can print wirelessly to any printer or MFP on that network, whether the printer or MFP offers Wi-Fi or not.

Epson L565 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7710 All-in-One 10.9cm Touchscreen Inkjet Printer

Epson WF-7620 WorkForce Wireless Color All-in-One Printer

Epson A3 Printers

Epson A3 printers are a very useful and important addition to the workstations of students and professionals alike. Epson A3 photo printers, however, are a completely different story than regular A3 printers – they’re more expensive, have more comprehensive printing systems and consistently deliver stunning print quality.

Epson A3 photo printer comes with a number of features, including extended ink tank support, a 6 ink printing system with special grey color, app-based printing support as well as support for all the latest wireless printing tech to print from your phones and computers.

Epson A3 Printer is a photo printer with a difference. Coming with the latest and best tech on the market, it’s actually an all-in-one and a photo printer, which makes it a killer product on the whole

Epson L1300 High Volume A3 Ink Tank Printer

Epson L1800 A3 Photo Ink Tank Printer

Epson A4 Printers

Epson A4 printers are top quality brands with models to suit a variety of budgets. Whatever inkjet model you opt for, be sure you’ve also got a stash of printer ink in your desk drawer so you don’t ever run out.

Perhaps you work from home full-time and you do a lot of high-volume printing? If that’s the case, you may find that investing in a laser printer is going to be your best option, giving you crisp text and high performance at unbeatable speeds. Our HP printers come in inkjet and laser models, and we’ve got more options from other top brands such as Brother and Samsung.

Epson POS Receipt printer

Epson POS receipt printers Point of Sale Printers Delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions to allow your business to run more efficiently. With Epson’s point of sales printers, your business thrives as the printers offer uncompromised performance, Epson POS printers don’t hang hence the user will have a maximum usage of the printer.

Epson Receipt Printers deliver the speed and performance necessary to meet the rigorous demands of high transaction Point of Sale (POS) environments. Epson receipt printers are designed to provide you with big performance at a small price.

Epson TM -U220B Thermal Reciept Printer

Epson TM-T20II POS Receipt Printer