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Fanvil VoIP phones offers the next level of communication with their great futures that can not be compared to other IP Phones, Fanvil IP Phones are designed with the user to need at heart, Fanvil office phone are more of user want rather than what the engineers thinks is right.

Fanvil IP phones offers superior user experience for both Office and Home use.  This phone are designed to perfection in order to meet every organization communication requirement making sure that organization stays on top of the business.

Fanvil IP Phones are compatible with ever SIP PBX system, may it be Yeater, Panasonic, IP PBX System, Gransream PBX, Panasonic and AVAYA PBX . Fanvil IP phone are easy to install and configure, and also they have a easy user manual. Their prices is customer friendly and they are long lasting as they are manufactured using the best materials.

Fanvil  IP phones are designed for  small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. It is set to become a leading global IP voice and video terminal provider, by providing cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices encompass quality, style and value for money.

Why Choose Fanvil IP phones

•             Good quality, cost-efficient, and innovative products

•             Gigabit choice for an entry-level phone

•             Devices for small offices to enterprise-level deployments 

•             All-in-one multi-screen phones with lots of BLF keys

•             RPS service and Provisioning tool

•             EHS Support, Bluetooth and 5.8Ghz WIFi Support optional for some models.

•             Most powerful paging adaptor to DIY SIP video/audio/speaker/alarm system

•             Hotspot function to use a phone as a server to share the same extension

•             X6 model supports video decode which can use together with video intercom and IP cameras

•             X4U / X5U /X6U / X7C / X7 / X210 models use Harmon Speakers for superior voice quality

•             A complete product line of desk phones, intercom/door phones, hotel phones

•             Color-screen from entry-level to high-level phones to serve SMBs and Enterprises

•             Private labelling/easy-rebranding services can be provided for as low as 200 pieces

Our Best selling Fanvil IP phones

Products              Prices

Fanvil X5 ¬ Executive Desk Phone

Ksh 10,000

Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone   Ksh 5,500

Fanvil C01 IP Phone        Ksh 6000

FANVIL C600 Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone    Ksh 27,000

Fanvil C400 Android based VoIP Phone  Ksh 25,000

Fanvil X5S 6 line Executive Gigabit Color Display Phone

Ksh 10,000

Fanvil X4 Enterprise IP Phone

Ksh 8,000

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