Hikvision NVR System ( Network Video Recorder)

Hikvision NVR System ( Network Video Recorder), NVR security camera systems incorporate the newest technology to provide an enhanced, feature-rich security system. Also known as POE security camera systems, NVR based systems are more flexible and complex than DVR systems.

NVR systems process the video data at the camera rather than on the recorder, the cameras in NVR systems are much more robust than their DVR counterparts. NVR systems use IP cameras which are a standalone image capturing devices.

NVR systems use standard Ethernet cables, such as cat5e and cat6, to transmit data. Professional installers prefer ethernet cables due to the number of advantages compared to coaxial cables.

NVR recorders receive a pure digital signal from the cameras, video quality is better than compared to a DVR at the same resolution. In addition, as Ethernet cables carry audio, all cameras with microphones could record audio to the NVR.

NVR are designed to be used with IP security cameras. IP cameras are easily connected using a single Cat5e (or greater) ethernet cable thanks to Power-over-Ethernet technology.

NVRs support full 4K Ultra HD resolution and real-time recording (30 fps). They also connect to our remote connectivity apps so you can see what your cameras see or watch recorded playback no matter where you are.

NVRs can also be customized to send you motion-activated push notifications or email alerts to keep you up-to-date of events around your property. Each NVR comes with a preinstalled security-grade hard drive that will reliably store your video data.

Hikvision NVR offers the benefits of managing bandwidth and storage with the latest H.265+ compression technology. The all-in-one NVRs have powerful capabilities, supporting up to 24 MP resolution for recording. Ultra-high-definition output up to 4K is now supported on all NVR series, from entry-level to professional models.

Hikvision network video recorders provide RAID, N+1 hot spare, and ANR functions, ensuring stable and reliable video recording. With deep learning units, Hikvision video recording became more powerful and more intelligent than ever.

Hikvision Pro Series NVRs feature optimized H.265+ and H.264+ compression codecs, enabling highly effective bandwidth and storage management.

network video recorders or NVRs are paired up with IP cameras, with a resolution starting from 2MP to 12MP (or higher), which is out of the question for analog cameras in a DVR security system.

Hikvision NVR has the capability of plug-and-play functionality, accessing IP cameras and other smart functions have never been easier. The Pro Series is the ideal solution

Hikvision  Ultra NVR Series is designed for expansive projects that require a larger number of cameras than usual, as well as a rack-mounted installation for back-end NVRs. Stability for the Ultra Series NVRs is established by RAID and N+1 hot spare, ensuring smooth and reliable video streaming

Hikvision Deep in Mind Series NVRs includes one or multiple high-speed GPU chipsets and deep learning algorithms that empower many useful functions such as false alarm filtering, blacklist alarms, structured video data, and much more.