Mercury Back-Up UPS Prices

Mercury backup UPS are designed to offer office and home equipment protection against power surge and power interruptions as a result of power backup. Mercury UPS are designed for small equipment to huge commercial machinery which has to keep running.

Mercury UPS is cheap compared to other brands of UPS yet their performance is comparable to none, Mercury UPS keeps the user working regardless of whether there is power or not.

What are the Advantages of Mercury UPS?

1.            Excess temperature protection – Mercury UPS absorbs the excess temperature which if passed on to equipment would lead to damage.

2.            Power surge protection – Mercury UPS are designed to prevent power surge from damaging equipment by absorbing and regulating power that goes to the equipment.

3.            Built-in intelligent battery management – Mercury UPS battery comes with interigent management that protect battery from damage.

4.            Output short circuit protection – when there is power blackout short circuit occurs when the power is coming back, Mercury UPS help to reduce this.

5.            A wide range of input voltage – Mercury UPS help control voltage input to home and office equipments.

6.            System overload protection – sometime we overload our system with devices, Mercury UPS help control overload as it gives warning when there is overload.

7.            Auto restart – When power outage occurs Mecury UPS enables the system to auto restart automatically.

8.            Dataline protection – when there is power blackout mercury UPS keeps the system running hence data is protected.

Our Best Selling UPS includes

Mercury Elite 650VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS

Mercury Elite 1000VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS

Mercury Elite 1200VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS

Mercury Elite 1500VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS

Mercury Elite 2000VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS

Mercury ELITE 3000VA UPS – Line Interactive UPS

Mercury 3kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP930C-S

Mercury 6kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP960C-S

Mercury 10kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP9110C-S

Mercury 10kVA 9kW Online UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out

Mercury EP20K 20kVA / 18kW On-Line UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out, 384VDC

Mercury EP30K 30kVA / 24kW On-Line UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out, 384VDC

Mercury HIP33020S 20kVA (18KW) 3 Phase Online Tower UPS

Ksh 900,000         Buy

Mercury 20kva/18kw 3 Phase Online Ups (ydc3320s)

Ksh 476,000         Buy

Mercury 10KVA/8KW Online Smart UPS

Ksh 185,000         Buy

Mercury Online HP960C-S 0.8PF 6KVA/4.8KW 1/1 Phase Ups

Ksh 142,000         Buy

Mercury Online HP930C-S 0.8PF 3000VA/2400W 1/1Phase UPS

Ksh 64,500           Buy

Mercury Envy 3KVA/2.7KW Rackmount/Tower Smart Ups

Ksh 65,000           Buy

Mercury Envy 1.5KVA/1350W Rack mount & Tower Convertible UPS

Ksh 43,000           Buy

Mercury Elite 3000U Pro 3000VA/1800W Smart Offline UPS

Ksh 31,000           Buy

Mercury Elite 2000U Pro 2000VA/1200W Smart Offline UPS

Ksh 17,000           Buy

Mercury Elite 650 Pro Line Interactive UPS 650VA

Ksh 4850               Buy

Mercury Maverick 1550VA (930W) Offline UPS

Ksh 10,000           Buy

Mercury Maverick 1050 UPS Offline 1050VA/630W 2X Universal Socket 9AH Battery UK Power Cord

Ksh 7,000             Buy

Mercury Maverick 850VA (510W) Offline UPS

Ksh 5,550             Buy

Mercury 10KVA (10000KVA UPS) Online UPS

Ksh 205,000         Buy

Mercury 6KVA (6000KVA UPS) Online UPS

Ksh 170,000         Buy

Mercury 3KVA Line-interactive UPS (3000KVA UPS)

Ksh 26,000           Buy

Mercury 2KVA Line-interactive UPS (2000KVA UPS)

Ksh 17,000           Buy

Mercury Elite 1500 Pro Line Interactive UPS

Ksh 12,500           Buy

Mercury 1000VA 1kVA Elite PRO UPS

Ksh 9,500             Buy