Mikrotik Routers Price in Kenya

Mikrotik routers offer high performance and low latency intenet connectivity that many business and homes require in order for them to perform their day to day job effectively,

Mikrotik Routers Price in Nairobi Kenya, MikroTik routers are designed for homes, small and medium offices as well as large organisations that requires strong internet connectivity. Mikrotik routers and router boards are commonly used in home networks to share a single Internet connection between multiple computers.

Mikrotik wireless (Wifi) routers provide internet connections to Wi-Fi access to smartphones, laptops, and other devices with Wi-Fi network capabilities. Mikrotik routers may provide standard Ethernet routing for a small number of wired network devices. Some Wi-Fi routers can act as a combination router and modem, converting an incoming broadband signal from your ISP.

Mikrotik integrated routers solutions are made up of Mikrotik hardware which is one of the most efficient hardware design platforms in the world. Mikrotik platform is extremely capable in performance & nimble as well as minimalist in structure.

Added to that is the routerOS software which is supremely flexible & capable in designing powerful network appliances. The Integrated devices include Routerboard, RouterOS, enclosure, power supply casing plus POE. A complete package.

Mikrotik RouterOS

Mikrotik router uses RouterOS which is the operating system for desktop computers (PC’s) and some personal computers with embedded systems. It is different from the usual operational systems, such as Linux and Windows, because it is developed solely for the routing of network protocols and partly telemetry.

MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware. It can also be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features – routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, VPN server and more.

Mikrotik RouterOS is a stand-alone operating system based on the Linux v2.6 kernel, and t MikroTik goal is to provide all these features with a quick and simple installation and an easy to use interface.

RouterOS supports various methods of configuration – local access with keyboard and monitor, serial console with a terminal application, Telnet and secure SSH access over networks, a custom GUI configuration tool called Winbox, a simple Web-based configuration interface and an API programming interface for building your own control application

Mikrotik RouterBoard

Mikrotik RouterBORD are computers with embedded systems that are developed specifically for the needs of operational system RouterOS. There is a whole bunch of different variations, which tend to have quite narrative codes.

MikroTiks RouterBOARDs are customizable to design the perfect routerBOARD. These small router card run RouterOS and are sold as is, letting you to decide what enclosure, case, and interfaces to use. The perfect product for assembling your own systems and networks, providing a large amount of options.

Best Ranking Mikrotik Routerboard

Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN 8 port Gigabit Cloud Router

Mikrotik RB3011UiAS-RM Router

Mikrotik RB1100AHX2 RouterBoard OS Level 6

MikroTik RB2011iLS-IN 10 Ethernet Ports RouterBoard

Mikrotik RB450G 450G Routerboard

Mikrotik RB800 RouterBOARD RouterOS L6

MikroTik RB2011iL-RM Rackmount routerboard

MikroTik CCR1036-12G-4S-EM broad board router


MikroTik RB2011iL-RM Rackmount routerboard

Mikrotik RB800 RouterBOARD RouterOS L6

Mikrotik RB450G 450G Routerboard

Mikrotik Wireless routers

Mikrotik wireless router are the perfect devices for homes or small offices where all you need is a wireless AP and a few wired devices connected. Based on the popular RB951-2n, the new hAP is an improvement in many areas.

Mikrotik wireless router are mostly used as access points in small offices where fewer devices are connected through wifi, the devices may includes phones, laptops and tablets,  mikrotik wireless routers also have several lan ports that can be used to connect several desktops by use of Ethernet cables.

MikroTik RB951G-2HnD Router

Mikrotik RB941-2nD-TC hAP Lite 4 port Router

Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Level 5 Router

Mikrotik RB2011iL-IN 10xPORT LAN Router

Mikrotik RB-1100 AHx2 level 6 Router

MikroTik mAP 2n 2.4GHz RouterBOARD Access Point