Advantages of Panasonic Cordless Phone

cordless telephony, the handset is connected to a local base via radio technology. Cordless telephony is therefore different from mobile telephony. Although the cordless phone does make the user mobile, he is limited to the range of his base. Cordless phones have a range of about 30 meters inside buildings and about 100 meters outdoors.

 For the greatest possible range, the local base should be placed in a central location. The base is connected to the network provider’s analogue or digital telephone connection or a router. Depending on the model, several handsets can be used with one base.

If several handsets are connected to the base, the different handsets can be used as an intercom without using the external telephone network. In this case the base takes on the function of a central telephone system. The base can typically also be used to charge the handset.

Below are the Advantages of Cordless Phone

  1. Some cordless phones allow you to connect extra antennas which give you a bigger coverage area s well as a bigger range. That kind of perk is much needed in some situations but not many know about the possibility of enhancing a cordless phone like that.
  2. Today’s cordless phones allow you to have multiple handsets connected to the same base. That can really come in handy if you are sharing the office or if you are sharing the home phone with one or multiple other people. Having to fight over the handset with someone when you need to place an important business call for instance might not be the most professional or optimal thing to do.
  3. With a cordless phone, it’s easy to provide more utility to your overall phone line system thank to the fact that the base is able to connect separately to any analog phone or phone line you might already have. While it might not seem like a direct advantage, there can be plenty situations in which it’s a welcomed perk.
  4. With a cordless phone, you are able to move around freely without having to stay near the base. This gives you all the freedom you need in order to do whatever you want while talking. The days in which you had to sit at your desk until a phone conversation ended are long gone and today cordless phones are the best solution for those that like to multitask.
  5. Avoiding dead zones is also something that you can do with a cordless phone. Sometimes a house can have a dead zone, meaning that the overall construction blocks signals from entering or exiting properly or at all.

This can be a very bad thing for you especially if you’re in a business area and you need to be able to immediately place important calls. Having a cordless phone allows you to move to another side of the room or the building so that you might avoid these dead zones.

Futures of Cordless Phone

cordless telephone is a combination of a telephone and a radio transmitter/receiver. Because it is a radio transmitter/receiver, you have the following issues that you do not have on a standard cord phone.

  1. Range

range is the distance that the handset can be from the base. The sound quality can be affected by the distance, the way the information in the radio signal is transmitted, and interfering structures such as walls and appliances. Security is an issue because the radio signals from both handset and receiver go over the open airways, where they can be picked up by other devices

  • Frequency 

Because your cordless phone is a radio transmitter/receiver, it operates on various radio frequencies, which are set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as with any other radio. Cordless phones operate over three major frequency bands (base and receiver use two closely related but separate frequencies within the band so that you can talk and listen at the same time):

Audio Control and Clarity

A phone that provides extensive volume adjustment on the handset and a high handset speaker meets all types of needs of your business. The noise reduction technology and customised sound system can provide a comfortable  audio experience. The Noise Reduction feature of the handset lets you suppress background noise around the caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice, making it easier to hear them. UNIDEN ELITE 9135+2 CORDLESS BLUETOOTH PHONE SYSTEM has a Maxi Sound – Extra Loud Handset Volume Control, that sets it apart from the other competitors in the market.

  • Accessibility and Digital System

Your cordless phone should be used conveniently in any situation so that maximum benefits can be achieved. Remote access and Stylish Slim designs can make it valuable for your business. Most of the uniden range of cordless phones have state-of-the-art XDECT Extended Long-Range Cordless Phone System.

  • Paging and Conferencing

The ability to page from the base to the handset can be handy, particularly if you leave the phone lying around the house. Conference call means users on an extra handset can join a phone conversation where all parties can hear the conversation. This is great for meetings and discussions where everyone can participate all at once.

  • Headset

A headset jack lets you use a headset hands-free with a microphone. In some phones, handset detects lost items. You need to simply attach the Key Finder / Key Detector to items that you often misplace and use the handset to find them quickly and easily.

  • Call waiting

When you are on the phone, the call waiting functionality lets you know if someone is trying to call you. It gives you freedom to prioritise your calls and also be always available to receive an important call.

  • Text to speech

Text to speech functionality come in handy when you are busy carrying out your work and you want your phone to announce the name of the caller. It is really an awesome  feature to have when it announces the number when you dial on the keypad.

  • Sleep mode

You can set your phone not to ring during a specified time. You wouldn’t get disturbed if it is set at night-time. You can also set this during meetings or during an important discussion.

  • Call barring

You may want to have a level of control of your Incoming and Outgoing calls. Sometimes you may not want to accept calls from certain companies or people. You can set this up in cordless phone.

  1. Phonebook

Phonebook features allow you store contact phone numbers in the memory of the phone. The UNIDEN ELITE 9135+2 CORDLESS BLUETOOTH PHONE SYSTEM has an Advanced Phone Options feature with 6000 Entry Capacity and can also download Phonebook data from your Mobile Phone to the Cordless Phone Address Book. You can also download Phonebook data between Handsets.

  1. Tele-Coil or T-Coil

Hearing aid-compatible (Tele-Coil or T-Coil) support refers to transfer the caller’s voice directly from the phone to your hearing aid, filtering out background noise. This technology is good for people with hearing problems and it plays a crucial role for effective communication. Uniden phones have Hearing Aid Compatibility and have Polyphonic ring tones.

  1. Batteries

While all cordless phones should come with rechargeable batteries, some models can use other AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, which are less expensive and more readily available. Panasonic KX-TGD323ALB has up to 16 hours battery life whereas UNIDEN XDECT 8155+3WP has 10 hours battery life.

  1. Bluetooth

You can link your cell phone to your home phone using Bluetooth. You can make and receive phone calls through your multi-handset home phone with the Bluetooth powered Link-to-Cell. Link-to-Cell harnesses the power of Bluetooth to combine the freedom of your cell phone and the convenience of a home phone. By simply placing your cell phone where reception is the best, you can communicate using the cordless handset clearly anywhere in your home.

Core Components with a cordless phone system

  • Speaker – converts electrical signals into the sound that you hear
  • Microphone – picks up your voice and changes it to electrical signals
  • Keypad – input for dialling
  • Buzzer or ringer – lets you know when you have an incoming call
  • Radio components – amplify electrical signals to and from microphone and speakers and send and receive FM radio frequencies
  • LCD or LED displays – indicator lights
  • Re-chargeable battery – supplies electrical power to handset

Factors to determine best cordless phones

Cordless phones today can do everything, it seems. From taking cell calls using Bluetooth technology to two-line support, choosing the right phone requires considering how you plan to use it, and which features you really want. These are the factors to determine the best Cordless Phones in the market:

  • Transmission: how effortlessly information can be shared
  • Clarity: clarity of sound
  • Battery Life: battery durability 
  • Display size: screen size
  • Handsets: number of handsets can be connected