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USB cables are designed to connect USB cables to your computers and laptops, buy online USB Cable & USB Adapters Certified Dealer Kenya and have it delivered.

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2.5-inch SATA Aluminum to USB 2.0 External HDD

KSh700.00 + VAT
  • Aluminum Casing Cools Down Your Hard Drive.
  • Easily Add Storage to Any System with USB.
  • Hot-Swappable: Plug & Play Without Rebooting
  • USB 2.0 connection (backward compatible with USB 1.1 specifications) provides a 480 Mbps transfer rate
  • Includes enclosure, carrying case, USB 2.0 cable, driver disk, user manual, screwdriver, and screws

3M USB extension cable Male to female

KSh400.00 + VAT
3M USB extension cable Male to female will extend the reach of your USB A/B cable. The USB  foil and braid shielding reduce EMI/RFI interference and twisted pair construction helps reduce crosstalk for high speed, error-free data transfer. USB 2.0 is PC compatible.  and Mac compatible.

Buy Generic USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M

KSh800.00 + VAT
Buy Generic USB Extension Cables 1.5M| 3M| 5M| 10M  available in diffrent length of your choice,  Our USB cable will solve the problem of short cables to connect to  printers.  scanners, Disc drive, or adapter.

Display Port-to-HDMI Adapter – Black

KSh1,500.00 + VAT
Display Port-to-HDMI Adapter – Black connect the DisplayPort output of a computer to the HDMI, DVI, VGA or Mini DisplayPor

Generic 5M USB Male To Female Extension Cable

KSh700.00 + VAT
Generic 5M USB Male To Female Extension Cable offers one USB-A male connector and one USB-A female connector and provides an active extension of USB 2.0 devices of up to 5-meters (15-feet).

Generic Enclosure For 2.5″ HDD USB 3.0

KSh1,300.00 + VAT
  • 2.5 inch USB 3.0 SATA External Hard Drive HD Housing/Casing
  • Plug and play, hot plug and hot swap function make the device convenient and easy to use
  • Show your support hard drive with up to 1 TB
  • Fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification and backward compliant with USB 2.0, USB 1.1
  • USB powered, no external power supply needed.

HDMI to HDMI Extender cable 1.5 Meters

KSh1,500.00 + VAT
HDMI to HDMI Extender cable 1.5 Meters is an all-digital audio/video interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. HDMI provides an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source, such as a set-top box,

Toshiba Bluetooth Speaker TY-WSP61

KSh2,500.00 + VAT
Toshiba Bluetooth Speaker TY-WSP61  for Laptops, PC, Smartphones Tablets and Laptops TY-WSP61 . 8 Hr Battery.

USB 2.0 to RJ45 Ethernet Network-LAN to USB Connector

KSh1,200.00 + VAT
USB 2.0 to RJ45 Ethernet Network-LAN to USB Connector allows you to instantly connect your computer, laptop, tablet or other USB-compatible devices to a wired 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network,

USB 3.0 External Hard Disk Cable

KSh800.00 + VAT
USB 3.0 External Hard Disk Cable is an indispensable accessory for portable external hard drives and smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note 4, and Note Pro 12.2 with the common Micro-B USB 3.0 port.

USB to RS232 Converter Cable

KSh1,200.00 + VAT
USB to RS232 Converter Cable connector attaches to the RS-232 port of a data logger or peripheral, such as an MD485 Multidrop Modem or RF401-series Spread-Spectrum Radio. Alternatively, the RS-232 connector can attach to an SC32B interface, which attaches to the CS I/O port of a data logger via the SC12 cable.

USB to USB Converter Cable

KSh150.00 + VAT
USB to USB Converter Cable allows you to leave it permanently connected to your legacy devices like computers, laptops and printers, USB cable Supports USB 2.0 charging and transfer speeds from one device to the next,

Vention USB-C to DP Cable 1.5M Black

KSh2,200.00 + VAT
  1. Compatibility: Ensure that your USB-C device and the display you're connecting to both support DisplayPort connectivity.
  2. Resolution and Refresh Rate: Check the specifications of the cable to make sure it supports the resolution and refresh rate you need for your display setup.
  3. Cable Quality: Look for a cable with good build quality and shielding to ensure stable signal transmission and durability.
  4. Adapter vs. Cable: If your display only has HDMI input, you might need an adapter to convert the USB-C signal to HDMI.
  5. Audio Support: Ensure that the cable supports audio transmission if you intend to use it for both video and audio output.