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X-BOX one, Xbox 360, Xbox one S shop consoles and controllers, XBOX 360 games consoles are designed to play the best games of the past, present, and future. Xbox consoles are designed to for 780 and 1080 resolution TV,  Xbox One S and Xbox One X are built for 4K capability.

Xbox Consoles play more than 100 games hence keeping you hooked up to your screen all day long.

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Xbox One Games

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Xbox Gaming Console

Xbox Gaming consoles and games are designed for gamers, they keep you fully entertained as the user can play more games at high resolution.

Xbox X Series Consoles

Xbox Series X  is the fastest Xbox console ever. Designed for power, speed, and compatibility, Xbox Series X delivers a new generation of console gaming that places you, the player, at its center. Xbox X series Consoles Features 12 teraflops of processing power, up to 120 frames per second and 3D Spatial Sound, this console's advanced performance architecture lets you engage in realistic and immersive experiences like you’ve never seen before.

Xbox S Series Console and games

Xbox Series S enables the user to all digital with our best value in gaming. Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox ever, stores your games, saves, and backups safe in the cloud. Experience next-gen speed, 1440p at 60 frames per second, with support for up to 120fps. Xbox S series help you enjoy 3D Spatial Sound, HDR, a fast 512GB NVMe SSD and backward compatibility with thousands of games. Xbox Series S delivers serious gaming power at an accessible price.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Join the greatest community of gamers and play with your friends on the most advanced multiplayer network. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Live Gold with over 100 high-quality games for console, PC and supported Android mobile devices (beta), all for one low monthly price. Play new Xbox Exclusives the same day games launch, 2-4 free games every month, and save up to 50-75% in the Xbox Store.
Reasons To Choose Xbox One Over PlayStation 4
  1. Xbox One X - advantage of purchasing an Xbox One over a PS4 right now is that Microsoft has the most powerful console on the market.
 Sony updated their PS4 line in 2016 with the release of the PS4 Pro, a more powerful console that bumped up performance and offered 4K visuals. However, across the board, the Xbox One X is the more powerful console, offering native 4K visuals and an overall performance boost on all Xbox One software.
  1. Games with Gold - Xbox’s Games with Gold doesn’t have anything you particularly want in say, September, there’s a good chance that October will be the exact opposite and deliver something stellar.
  2. Xbox Live - Xbox brand owes much of its success to its online service Xbox Live. Live charges $60 a year for online access and includes the Games with Gold rewards program.
  3. Streaming Xbox to PC - Xbox app now included in every build of Windows 10 and available to download for Windows 7 and up, new capabilities have emerged and are easier to use than ever before.
One such innovation is the ability to stream Xbox content onto a PC, which is useful if a TV in your house is in use. Now, gamers can play any Xbox One game on their PC with minimal input delay, meaning that titles such as NHL 16 or Sunset Overdrive, which are not available on PC, can now be enjoyed on your desktop.
  1. User Interface - Xbox One has recieved several major dashboard updates over the course of its lifespan, with the most significant change happening back in 2015 with the integration of Windows 10.
This change included many improvements, most notably to the dashboard (the home opening screen of the Xbox). Previously clunky and similar to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One experience now appears fresh and slick.
  1. EA Access - EA Access is a great service that deserves more recognition. For $30 a year, subscribers receive several perks. All new EA games receive free 10 hour trials for gamers to test.
Unsure if FIFA 18 is worth the upgrade from last year’s version? You can now test it out for up to 10 hours and decide for yourself. As a bonus, these trials are also made available five days before the game’s release date.
  1. The Controller - Xbox controller is often cited as a sturdier controller with a better build than Sony’s DualShock brand. A major difference is with the placement of the analog sticks. While Sony opts for symmetrical sticks, Microsoft has the right thumbstick slightly lower than the left.