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Printers are essential tools for home and offices, at this era and time printers saves time and resource as one does not need to move around for printing services.

Mall + 254 is the leading dealer for HP colour and Black and white printers, Epson printers, Brother printers, Canon printers and Kyocera printers. Visit us for the best deal for both printers and their accessories.

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Brother Printer

Brother 12TZ131 Tape

KSh2,700.00 + VAT
KSh2,700.00 + VAT

Brother Printer

Brother 18tz se4

KSh3,000.00 + VAT

Brother Printer

Brother 36TZ-161 Tape

KSh3,300.00 + VAT

Brother Printer

Brother 36TZ-261 Tape

KSh3,300.00 + VAT

Brother Printer

Brother 36TZ-661 Tape

KSh3,400.00 + VAT

Brother Printer

Brother 6TZ211 Tape

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Label Printers

Brother 9mm x 8m Tape

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Best Printer Shop in East Africa

HP offers an All-in-One printer with unrivaled performance, an easy-to-use home printer, or business printers with capabilities to meet your growing needs?  When looking for an office or home printer Look no further than printers from HP. Whether it’s a stylish, affordable home printer you’re after that will give you professional quality, or dependable, cost-effective business printers to meet all your business needs without breaking the bank.   HP has the right printer deals for you. From simple print jobs to complex workflows, HP has the printers to meet your needs.   In the home and home office environment, we have a wide array of All-in-One printers designed to perform beautifully and deliver the print quality you expect from HP. From HP OfficeJet All-in-One printers to HP Sprocket Photo Printers and everything in between, home and home office printing products from HP has you covered.   When looking to print wireless Hp offers a wireless printer that can print, copy, scan, and fax? No problem. Do you want borderless printing with high-yield ink capabilities? We’ve got that too. Want your printer to order Original HP ink when it’s running low, so you don’t have to worry about supplies?   Many of our printers are eligible for HP Instant Ink, meaning you won’t run out of ink at the worst possible time. And be sure to check out the latest printer deals on our home and home office printers, so you can get the best value on the right product.  

Advantages of HP Printers

  1. High print quality every time – HP printers offer high-quality printouts owing to their high technology.
  2. Only the highest quality materials are used – Hp printer manufactures don’t compromise when it comes to quality hence HP printers and Accessories are of high quality.
  3. Impressive print speeds per minute - HP printers offer high-quality printouts.
  4. Eco-friendly recycling system for a greener workplace – HP Printers are eco-friendly as it don’t pollute the environment.
  5. Built using the same technology as the HP laser machines – best quality in the market
  6. Incredible 95% reliability rate meaning reduced waste and costs
  7. No hidden costs

Epson printers

While buying Epson printers, you should know whether you want a colour printer or a black and white one. Then you have to choose between printers with additional functionalities or printers that have basic features.   Some Epson printers with an attached photocopy system can be chosen for flexibility. You can also choose on the basis of technology, between ink tank printers, photo printers, label printers and large format printers, which are all suited for different purposes. You can also seek out features such as wireless printing and document feeders. If you deliver a large number of presentations, a projector may be useful to you. You can also buy 3D glasses for an unrivaled visual experience.  

Benefits of Owning an Epson Printer

  1. Convenience - The convenience that comes with every model of an Epson printer is one of its most notable benefits, can place it in the corner of the kitchen, or it can have its own stand next to your desk.
  2. Saves Power - Epson printers go into a low-power standby mode when they are not in use. Three-in-one Epson printers draw even less power in a traditional office environment since scanning, printing, and copying can all be completed with one machine.
  3. Fewer Repairs - Epson design minimizes the number of printer components by installing permanent printheads and using inkjet printing. This helps lower potential replacement parts costs.
  4. Wireless/Mobile Connectivity - Epson Printer is an intelligent machine that is capable of interfacing with wireless and mobile features. Epson Printers support Epson iPrint, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print, which means that you are connected from your home or office to any place in the world.
  5. Lower Cost - Epson printer ink rank among the lowest costs of the many printers on the market, yet have the highest quality image rankings.
Epson ink cartridges are so technologically advanced that they print with higher amounts of dots-per-inch, making the task of printing high-quality photographs a non-issue.  

Kyocera Printers & Copiers

Kyocera's award-winning TASKalfa multifunctional products (MFPs) and ECOSYS printers deliver superior performance and best-in-class reliability. Whether looking for brilliant color, crisp B&W or business transforming applications, we offer a wide range of advantages.   ECOSYS Printer & MFP Series Kyocera's ECOSYS branded printers and MFPs provide customers with a printing solution that incorporates long-life components and one of the lowest costs per print. By eliminating the need to continually replace costly components. ECOSYS printers do their part in helping to reduce environmental and financial waste. Not only economy and ecology, but Kyocera’s ECOSYS branded products also offer customized solutions to comply with various IT environments for the long-term benefit of investment.   Kyocera TASKalfa MFP Series Printers Kyocera TASKalfa printers are the pinnacle of document imaging because each business-critical task is seamlessly delivered with unsurpassed performance and superior image quality. Being equipped with unique long-life ECOSYS Technology. Kyocera’s TASKalfa MFPs offer outstanding efficiency by minimizing cost and waste and help elevate office productivity to new heights by turning various complex document workflows into simple processes.  

Advantages of Kyocera Printers

  1. Lower running costs – Kyocera printers have low running costs as their accessories are affordable and available.
  2. Award-winning ultra-reliability – Kyocera printers are highly reliable as they don’t spoil easily.
  3. Easy-to-use technology – Connecting Kyocera printers and operating them is very easy
  4. Environmentally-friendly devices – many printers have a lot of waste, how that printer preserve and store the waste matters a lot, Kyocera printer has the best eco friendly mechanism.
  5. Commitment to quality control – Made by the best technology in the market
  6. Unsurpassed performance – Reliability and performance is the key.
  7. High standards of integrity - quality is the order of the day.

Brother Printers and scanners

Brother all-in-one printers offer full functionality by providing printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capability from a single machine.   They're available as inkjet or laser models with a variety of feature configurations to suit business and personal users. Staples® carries a wide range of Brother all-in-ones, including mono laser, color laser, and inkjet to meet home, home office, business, and school needs.   Many Brother MFC, multifunction models are compact, making them perfect options where space is limited. Select units have an LCD screen that makes it easy to monitor printing, check ink or toner status, and create shortcuts for popular tasks. Users can connect directly to cloud apps for print-from and scan-to operations as well as make changes to printing sequences. Certain models are available with faxing capability.  

Advantages of Brother Printers

  1. Integrated Features - Most models also work as a scanner and a fax machine Most models also work as a scanner and a fax machine. These integrated all-in-one features mean you can do everything you need with one machine, potentially saving money and space.
  2. High-Quality Printing - Brother Printers produce some of the best quality prints on the market. For example, the Brother HLL8360CDW is one of the printers most recommended for use by graphic designers, a profession where the quality of prints is paramount.
  3. Wireless and Cloud-Based Printing Options with Many Models - Brother printers also offer wireless or cloud-based mobile printing, meaning you can scan from other devices such as a tablet or smartphone and send the files straight to your linked printer.
  4. Ease of Installation and Use - Brother printers are easy to install and use. Brother printers feature easy-to-use interfaces and come with simple-to-understand manuals, so your staff can be up and running with a new system in a matter of minutes.
  5. Great Company Support –
  6. Fast Printing Rate - Brother printers, the printing rate is fast and, even at high speeds, there is no compromise on the quality of your prints.
  7. A Company with a Long History and Reputation

Canon Printers and Copiers

Canon's all-in-one printer combines multiple functions into one convenient unit, making it ideal for small business and home use. Users can quickly switch between scanner, copier, fax, and printer modes, saving valuable time and resources on the job. Staples® carries a broad range of printing equipment, ink, and accessories from Canon to suit the needs of every user.    Canon All-in-One Printers for Home, School, and Business Use Multi-function printers make it easy to manage business documents, classroom materials, and home-based tasks, ensuring an efficient and productive work environment. Many printers are powered by high-speed USB technology so users can enjoy smooth and reliable performance through small batches of paperwork and high-volume print jobs.   Several models support wireless connectivity so multiple users can manage and prioritize print jobs throughout a home or office network.   Canon's multifunction printers feature durable and compact construction to suit small office spaces and large-scale operations.   Several machines hold up to 5 sheets of paper at a time, eliminating frequent trips to the paper supply cabinet. 3-in-1 models print, copy, and scan documents, while 4-in-1 models add faxing capabilities so you can accomplish multiple tasks from a central location.  

Advantages of Canon Printers

  1. Canon's Technology Is At the Cutting Edge - Canon is a world leader in printer technology you can be confident that purchasing one of their printers means that you have the most current tech in your home or office.
  2. Canon Printers Are Typically Good Value for Money - Canon are renowned for selling their printers at exceptionally low prices, meaning that you can pick up a great machine for a fraction of the cost of other sellers. They do this by selling each unit at lower than market value as they then hike up the price of their genuine ink to cover their losses.
  3. Canon Printer Ink Can Be Replaced With Cheaper Options -
  4. Canon Printers Are Easy to Maintain - Canon pride itself on sleek and clean designs, their printers are far easier to maintain than other models on the market. Simply keep it dust-free and run the in-built maintenance program once a quarter to keep your machine working without any issues.