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Looking for the most advanced yet easy-to-use Access control and time attendance Terminal, Mall+254 is the leading suprema, Zkteco, Hikvision, and matrix Access control reseller and installer.

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Buy Suprema Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal Best Price

Suprema Access Control offers a diverse variety of products in access control, time and attendance, and biometrics. Our products range from rugged outdoor biometric readers to scalable sophisticated controllers that can suit a variety of industry requirements.  

Why choose suprema Biometric terminals

  1. Suprema Access Control is World’s Best Performing Fingerprint Algorithm

The World's Most Widely Used Biometrics Technology Complete Identification Solution Provider Product Quality & Reliability Global Brand Awareness Suprema's fingerprint recognition algorithm has proven its superior performance by winning multiple awards and serves as a backbone for numerous fingerprint recognition devices. In addition, the advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm has also had its technology validated through obtaining international certifications such as FBI, IQS, STQC, FVC, and NIST MINEX. The algorithm boasts a level of stability far above other algorithms of its kind as well as the fastest authentication speed and the highest level of accuracy in the world.
  1. Suprema is the World's Most Widely Used Biometrics Technology

Suprema's biometrics technology is widely used in a variety of fields, including physical access control, ID card issuance, FinTech, forensic investigation, and mobile authentication, and is responsible for the security and safety of over one billion people around the world.
  1. Suprema Complete Identification Solution Provider

Based on its biometrics technology, Suprema provides comprehensive solutions for identification with an extensive product line-up that encompasses fingerprint/face recognition devices, live scanners, embedded fingerprint recognition modules, and RFID devices.
  1. Suprema Product Quality & Reliability

Suprema is committed to providing customers with reliable products of superior quality. We have obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and have already been recognized for the quality of our production process. We also run the largest biometrics research and production facility in South Korea with the aim of achieving better quality.
  1. Suprema Global Brand Awareness

Having been recognized as a global leader in biometrics for more than a decade, Suprema is listed as one of the world's top 50 security companies by A&S, one of the world's most authoritative magazines in the field of security. In addition, Suprema was awarded the Best Product prize and the Innovation Prize at international security exhibitions such as Sweden's Detektor Award, Russia's All-over-IP, and Brazil's ISC Brazil, and we were also named one of the world's top biometrics companies by Forbes, Frost & Sullivan, and Deloitte  

BioStar - Integraged IP access control management software

BioStar SE offers powerful and comprehensive access control features for large-sized organizations. SE(Standard Edition) version controls up to 512 access control devices with IP camera/NVR integration, anti-passback, muster zone, e-mail notification and visual map features.

BioStar Lite -Embedded webserver

BioStar Lite is an entry level, web-based access control management software supporting up to 10 devices with one-door anti-passback. Simple user interface and synchronization with sub-devices make system operation easier than ever.

BioStar VideoPhone- Interphone application

BioStar VideoPhone is a PC application which allows the operator to use the PC and the linked device as an interphone system. The application will allow the operator to see who is at the entry point and grant access if approved. The BioStar VideoPhone can support up to 8 different extensions within the "multi-operator" mode.