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Access Control is a major achievement in Any organization, Mtech Networks is the leading dealer Zkteco access control dealer in Nairobi, Buy from us and have the terminal installed at your workplace at an affordable price. we are also the leading dealer for Hikvision and Suprema access control systems.

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FR1300 Fingerprint Reader Exit Reader For F18, F2 And F22 Access Control System RS485

KSh16,000.00 + VAT
FR1300 Fingerprint Reader Exit Reader For F18, F2 And F22 Access Control System RS485 is a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBIO series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function

Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA Temperature Screening Camera

KSh238,000.00 + VAT
Key Features
  • High sensitivity thermal module with 160 x 120 resolution
  • NETD is less than 40 mk (@25° C, F#=1.1)
  • Leading thermal image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • Support temperature screening
  • Support audio alarm

Iclock 3500 Fingerprint & RFID (ID) access control with Camera

KSh59,000.00 + VAT
  • Time & Attendance device
  • Incorporates ZK fingerprint sensor and RFID reader
  • Stores up to 10000 users and 8000 fingerprint templates.
  • Stores up to 200.000 log records without PC download.
  • Incorporate 8 inch TFT Touch screen
  • Available in Linux and Windows CE (for developers) operating systems
  • Allows communication with PC through Ethernet and USB port
  • Allows Wifi and GPRS communications
  • Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…) Time zones, groups and holidays management for access control
  • All European languages (standard texts and voices) included
  • Special firmware for kindergarten are with advanced functions as :
  • Professional SDK (advanced functions)

InBio160 PoE Bundle (New)

KSh40,000.00 + VAT
InBio160 PoE Bundle (New)

LH4000 RFID ZKTeco Smart Hotel Door Lock System

KSh19,000.00 + VAT
  • Emergency Override key
  • American standard mortise with 5 lathes
  • Advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology
  • 4 x AA Alkaline battery power supply
  • ISO14443 (RFID) Type-A, S70 4KB/ S50 1KB card
  • ZKBiolock Hotel Lock System software
  • 35-55 mm door thickness

Multi-face biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

KSh40,000.00 + VAT
  • 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
  • 100,000 logs capability
  • 4,000 fingerprint capacity
  • TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host communication
  • 3,000 (1:N) face capacity
  • ID/MiFare Card, Wi-Fi, 3G, 2000 mAH Backup Battery capability
  • Wiegand Signal output

MultiBio 800-H Multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance

KSh52,000.00 + VAT
  • 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen with Professional colour Duo Camera Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environments
  • Various combination verification mode: Face, Fingerprint, User ID, Password
  • Communication: RS485, TCP/IP and USB Host; Aux in for linkage function
  • MB800: 400 faces, 1K FP templates & 100K transactions
  • MB800-H/ID: 4K faces (1:1), 4K FP templates, 10K ID Cards & 100K transactions
  • 12VDC 3A Powered

Uface 401/402 Face Fingerprint Access Control System

KSh52,000.00 + VAT
• 3, 000 face and 4,000 fingerprint templates • Multi-language • High verification speed • Advanced and user-friendly UI • Optional built-in battery backup, providing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation • New Framework firmware, easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements • One face template is registered for one user only • Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification

ZK Access TF1700 Outdoor Biometric & Card Reader

KSh33,000.00 + VAT
  • Rugged structure for outdoor installation and extra durability
  • IP65 rated waterproof and weatherproof structure
  • Slim and elegant design
  • One of the world’s smallest fingerprint terminals
  • Sleek and slim design for narrow spaces.
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm
  • Fingerprint identification in 1 second

ZK C3 400 Access Control Panel 4 Door Access Control

KSh52,000.00 + VAT
ZK C3 400 Access Control Panel 4 Door Access Control
  • Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and reversal protection for the power supply and all of the input and output terminals
  • Reliable network system of controllers using either TCP/IP or RS-485 Serial communication
  • Supports different Wiegand formats, and connects to ZK readers as well as HID, Mifare, and generic ID card readers
  • Connects with a variety of electric locks, sensors, exit buttons, alarm devices, and indicators
  • Can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Fire Alarm Release, and elevastor Control for total security system. Directly compatible with ZK’s biometric reader controllers.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive programming with ZKAccess Software

Zk C3-100 PoE Bundle

KSh40,000.00 + VAT
Zk C3-100 PoE Bundle

ZK F16 Biometric and Time Attendance Terminal

KSh18,000.00 + VAT
  • Fingerprints : 3 000
  • Cards: 10 000
  • Transactions: 30 000
  • Algorithm: ZK Finger 10.0
  • Authentication : FP / RFID
  • Wiegand: In & Out
  • External Reader: LK187-9
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS485 & USB Host
  • Operation: Standalone or Network
  • Power: 12VDC 3A

Zk Inbio 460 4 Door Access Controller

KSh55,000.00 + VAT
• Fingerprints: 20,000 • Cards: 30,000 • Events: 100,000 (Event storage with SD Memory Card, up to 32 GB) • TCP/IP • Multi-format Wiegand input • Metallic cabinet with key • Access control by schedule and doors • Combinable verification methods: - Fingerprint + Card (with the F12 reader) • Multi-user verification • Security access bypass (sequential doors) • Anti-passback • Allows only the management of 4 doors (does not allow management of 2 doors)

ZK InBio160 Single Door Biometrics Access Control Panel

KSh39,000.00 + VAT
  • Fingerprints : 3000
  • Cards : 30 000
  • Transactions : 100 000
  • Authentication : FP / PIN / RFID
  • Input : 2 x Wiegand, 1 x Door Sensor & 1 x RTE
  • External Reader : LK184-6 & LK187-9
  • Output : 1 x Door Relay
  • Auxiliary I/O : 1 x In & 1 x Out
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS485 & SD
  • Operation : Offline or Network
  • Power : 12VDC 1.5A
  • Features : Anti-Passback, Multi-Person Access, Event Based Triggers

ZK Teco ZKX5030A Single Energy Luggage X-Ray Inspection System

KSh2,900,000.00 + VAT
Tunnel Size507mm W x 305mm H
Flim SafetyASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety
Tube Voltage80 Kv
CoolingSeal oil cooling / 100%
Package SizeL1900 x W990 x H1320 mm

ZK U260 TCP/IP Fingerprint Time Attendance System

KSh28,000.00 + VAT
  • New firmware
  • New stunning GUI, rock-solid stability
  • Faster matching speed

Zk UFace 202 – Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal

KSh46,000.00 + VAT
  • Model Number:uface202
  • Face templates:3000
  • Fingerprint templates:4000
  • ID Card Capacity :10000( Optional)
  • Logs Capacity :100000
  • Communication :TCP IP RS232 RS485 USB Host
  • Standard Functions:Automatic Status Switch
  • Wifi 3G ADMS Wifi MF Cards:Optiona

ZK uFace 800 Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reader

KSh58,000.00 + VAT
  • 3.5-inch, color LCD touch screen
  • High-resolution infrared camera
  • Stores up to 1200 facial and 2000 fingerprint templates
  • Multi-language capable
  • Fast verification speed in either mode