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APS 5m Duplex Optical Fiber Patch cord LC-SC

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  • Fiber Cable Description: OS2 LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable 5 Meter | 10Gb Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable with 9/125 Corning optical fiber glass. | Education, Corporate, Military/Defense, Government, Healthcare, Finance, General Commercial, Computer Networking Applications.
  • Fiber Patch Cable Details: 5 Meter (16.40 feet), Duplex (2 fiber strands), yellow PVC jacket, 2.0mm outer diameter, zip-cord reinforced, SMF (Singlemode Fiber) patch cables / jumper cords.
  • Core / Cladding: Corning 9 micron diameter fiber core / 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter). The fiber optic core is surrounded by a transparent, low refraction, cladding material. Light is contained within the fiber core (total internal reflection) causing the fiber within the patch cord assembly to act as a wave-guide. Light travels through the fiber bouncing off the boundary between core & cladding.
  • Optical Mode Type: OS2 (9/125 Singlemode) - 9 micron core, 125 micron cladding. 10 Gigabit speed from 5-10km at 1310nm (10Gbase-L) and 30-40km at 1550nm (10Gbase-E) with 0.4 dB/km maximum attenuation, atm applications. Audio, video, data services supported. ISO / IEC 24702
  • Durable Construction, Commercial Grade, Cost Effective and Built to Last | 100% Lifetime Warranty on All Fiber Cables Direct Products. Superior packaging for safe delivery anywhere in the world, using any available carrier and selected delivery priority.