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D-link ANT24-1200 – 2.4GHz 12dBi High Gain Directional Indoor

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  • PTIMAL PERFORMANCE: The D-Link ANT24-1202 Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna is designed to be used in conjunction with devices at the 2.4GHz frequency, and compliance with the b and g standards. It offers a powerful omni-directional signal at a high 12dBi gain that can effectively redistribute a wireless signal to multiple remote locations at a wide range from an access point or bridge.
  • CONVENIENCE OF FLEXIBILITY: The D-Link ANT24-1202 Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna features a very durable build that grants users with great flexibility. Its waterproof design provides users with the facility of choosing placement in or outdoors. The antenna also includes an N-Type to RP-SMA adapter cable for added compatibility, and a surge protector to withstand against the outdoor elements.
  • SIMPLE WIRELESS SOLUTION: The D-Link ANT24-1202 Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna is ideal for operating in modes such as multi point-to-point WDS, access point, and others that require a wide coverage range with its built-in high gain antennas. This is a cost efficient solution, especially when setting up a comprehensive hub in hot-spot locations.
  • WHAT THIS PRODUCT DOES: The D-Link ANT24-1202 Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna works in the 2.4GHz frequency, and is compatible with devices compliant in the g or b standard. Its high gain of 12dBi makes it ideal for a series of modes that require a wide range of coverage. The ANT24-1202 is durable enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments with its waterproof design, yet flexible enough for a variety of placement and rotational (up to 360 degrees) options. The ANT24-1202 also provides users with convenience, offering compatibility with N-type and SMA-type interfaces.