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LCD Writing Tablet 12-Inch

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  • Ultra thin 12 inch LCD writing table provide you a bigger writing zone and a better drawing experience. It's physical dimension is 11.02 x 7.28 x 0.19 inch. Sealed 3v button cell provides over 50,000 erase cycles, and it can be replaced.
  • Draw or write anything your want, then just hit the button on top to erase. Now you have a blank board waiting for your new note or sketch. Use the supplied stylus or any blunt and smooth object to write on the LCD writing board.If you press harder, you get a more pronounced line. DON¡¯T use anything sharp or too pointy as it might damage the surface.
  • The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials, and the back side can be used as a mouse pad. With a built-in magnet on its back side, the writing board can stick to the refrigerator door or a safe.
  • Use this product instead of scraps of paper at your desk: jot down any impromptu notes or just make little doodles while stuck on a boring call. It looks sleek, and you will feel great having the tablet on your office desk. Moreover, kids love the tablet! Besides drawing and playing, they can solve math problems or practice spelling in a fun way!
  • Eco-friendly environmental protection, paperless, lightweight, and it is quiet easy for you to carry it in your wallet, scheduler, briefcase or backpack. It is suitable for designer, business man, teacher, students, doctor, even housewife for the daily shopping note.It is really a good gift for children,friends.