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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 SNGL OLP NL

KSh770,000.00 + VAT
  • Access 2013 now supports sending email.
  • Additional links to documentation for the Central Administration site.
  • Communication sites are places to share news, showcase articles, or send messages to other people.
  • Fast Site Creation in SharePoint Server 2019 enables users to create sites in seconds.
  • Storage of files up to 15 GB is now supported in SharePoint document libraries.
  • SharePoint Server 2019 includes modern features for lists and libraries in team sites. This provides a modern experience similar to SharePoint Online.
  • SharePoint Server 2019 now supports modern sharing with a Lightweight Sharing UI.
  •  Users can easily create modern team sites from the SharePoint home page without the need for an IT professional, while SharePoint Server 2019 will continue to support the ability to create classic team sites.
  • SharePoint has modernized its integration with IIS by removing all dependencies on the legacy IIS6 APIs.
  • On the SharePoint home page, you can create sites in other web applications.
  • Authentication for SMTP servers when sending emails.
  • Sync files using the OneDrive sync client (NGSC)
  • Use of symbols # and% in file and folder names.
  • Toolbox navigation and app launcher improvements.
  • Telemetry privacy capabilities.