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National Luna intelligent solenoid

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  • The Intelligent Solenoid (IS) senses an incoming voltage of greater than 13.1V when you turn on the vehicle.
  • The IS starts an internal timer for 5 minutes, keeping the full charge to the primary battery to recoup for the discharge of starting the vehicle.
  • After 5 minutes, the IS automatically closes the circuit in the solenoid, allowing current to flow to the secondary battery.
  • This connection remains closed until the IS senses a voltage of less than 12.7V across the system. This is most commonly when the vehicle is shut off. Brand new batteries can often maintain a charge above 12.7V for a while. The IS will keep the connection closed until less than 12.7V is available, then it will open the solenoid circuit isolating the batteries from one another.
  • The IS will keep the batteries isolated until it once again senses a voltage greater than 13.1V. Then it starts the timer and the whole process begins again.
  • This process is fully automated. You do not have to manually manage the charging of the second battery.