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Tenda G3 / Wireless / QoS VPN Router / Gateway

  • Multi-WAN Ports: Equipped with 3 bandwidth balancing modes based on session, IP and intelligent load balancing, and supports average bandwidth allocation and bandwidth expansion of 4 ports.
  • Portal Authentication: Smart authentication customize with internet access time setting and Ad push to promote brand or products.
  • AP Management: G3 can manage and monitor all the Tenda APs. The networking administrator can modify the description, SSID, channel, security for APs and monitor the APs and clients online status through G3.
  • QoS Bandwidth Management: Automatical bandwidth control with smart QoS which supports bandwidth allocating and QoS priority.
  • PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN: Use a PPTP/l2tp/IPSec VPN with multiple encryption to ensure data security and convenient Internet work for enterprise staff.