Quality  Hikvision DVR System for Analog CCTV Cameras

Quality  Hikvision DVR System for Analog CCTV Cameras, DVR, the digital video recorder is an electronic device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device. digital video recorder includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording, portable media players and TV gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders.

Personal computers are often connected to DVRs in such cases the application software used to record video is an integral part of the DVR.

DVR recorders rely on a hardware chipset known as an AD encoder, which is responsible for processing the raw data streaming from the camera into legible video recordings.

DVR systems also have different requirements when it comes to the recorder. Specifically, in a DVR system, the user must connect every camera directly to the recorder. In comparison, an NVR system only requires that each camera connects to the same network.

DVR system, the recorder doesn’t provide power to the cameras. Each camera connection will need a splitter that supplies power to enable cameras to function.

DVR systems can only use wired security cameras. DVR systems also have less flexible mounting solutions, because routing coaxial cable can be more difficult in tight situations and a power outlet is required for each camera.

DVR system, the analog cameras stream an analog signal to the recorder, which then processes the images. The advantage of this system is the reduced complexity required of the camera when compared to an NVR system.

DVR systems cameras transmit analog video via the coaxial cable directly to the recorder and images are processed at the recorder level.

The analog signal results in a lower quality image compared to NVR systems. Coaxial cables also don’t natively transmit an audio signal, and DVR recorders usually have a limited number of audio input ports.

CCTV camera connects to the DVR recorder via a coaxial BNC cable. Although the use of coaxial cable may not seem significant.

Analog HD 1080p Security DVR

1080p Hikvision DVR helps the user to experience the gold standard in analog surveillance recording.

Hikvision analog 1080p DVR is designed to work exclusively with advanced megapixel security cameras, this DVR can provide you with exceptionally detailed HD images and smooth on-screen movement.

Analog 1080p DVR can be used with our full range of analog security cameras – from 400TVL all the way to 1080p HD. For easy and flexible installation, only a single RG59 video cable is needed to connect the DVR to your cameras.

1080p DVR is capable of recording footage continuously, during scheduled times, or when movement is detected. These options can be customized with each of your security cameras, which means you can have your most important camera recording all the time while lower activity cameras can be programmed only to record on motion.

DVR has an auto-recovery feature that will automatically reboot the system after a power outage. This means that you don’t have to worry about a thing – your system will start recording again within minutes.

DV700 Series DVR also has a feature that continuously monitors the system for potential system errors called WatchDog. If Watch Dog ever detects a critical error, it will automatically reboot the system. This will help ensure system stability, keep your cameras recording, and prevent future system failures.

Hikvison 1080p DVR record and capture all the details at HD 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, don’t miss out anything. Full HD resolution with accurate color reproduction brings your recorded video to life.

1080p DVR  hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams

DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

1080P Hikvision DVR futures

  • Connect to HD-TVI and analog cameras
  • Connect to the Coaxitron camera/dome with long transmission distance
  • Connect to IP cameras from Hikvision HDVR series
  • Each channel supports dual-streaming
  • Mainstream supports up to 1080p resolution and sub-stream up to WD1
  • Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, frame rate, bit rate
  • Encode both video and video/audio stream
  • Video and audio synchronization during composite stream encoding
  • Watermark technology

Hikvision 720P DVR System

720P DVR  Hikvision can connect HD analog cameras and provide powerful surveillance. It features multiple advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding & decoding technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology.

Hikvision 720P DVR  can work alone as a recorder and cooperate with other devices to build a comprehensive surveillance system. This DVR is widely applied in the areas of finance, public security, military, communication, transportation, education.

Hikvision 720P DVR futures

  • 264 and dual-stream compression
  • Supports both HD-TVI and analog cameras with adaptive access
  • Full-channel 720p resolution real-time recording
  • HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920 x 720 resolution
  • Up to 8 channels synchronous playback
  • Long transmission distance over coax cable