Quality Samsung TV Prices Kenya

Samsung TVs offer astounding picture quality across the entire range, from our award-winning 8K and 4K TVs to our premium UHD and big-screen TVs, so you can immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment like never before. Learn more about our TV range and find the best fit for your home.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs don’t just bring your favorite on-demand apps to your living room, it also gives you control of all your connected smart devices.

Check the contents of your fridge without getting up off the sofa.* You can even control your TV with your smartphone. Smart living has never been so simple.

Samsung Smart TV Put the ultimate remote control in the palm of your hand and manage all your connected devices on one unit. With smart TV You can even use the One Remote Control to call for voice assistant. Samsung TV big Screen makes great home movies Samsung TV has a bigger screen, bigger sound. Just more of everything.

It is easier to use your mobile phone as a remote with Samsung smart TV. Sometimes you may be seated far away from the remote control, or maybe you’re used to using your phone’s interface. Either way, here’s how you can turn your mobile into a remote control.

Samsung TV voice assistant enables the user to explore your Smart TV with the convenience of a Tell voice assistant to search, watch, or play various features for you. With Samsung Smart TV’s, there’s just so many shows to choose from. But don’t waste time surfing through everything. Samsung smart TV Universal Guide recommends popular shows and content tailored just for you, meaning you can watch more of what you love. Search less, discover more.

Samsung smart TV gives the ultimate remote control in the palm of your hand and manages all your connected devices on one unit. You can even use the One Remote Control to call for voice assistant. Samsung SmartThings Dashboard makes it easy to directly control your connected devices or individually set different modes based on your preferences.

Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs

Samsung 4K Smart TV gives the user experience entertainment at its best, ensuring every seat is great. Enhance your living space with stylish minimalist design that blends into any home. Enjoy non-4K footage in true 4K quality with five-stage intelligent upscaling, giving you a billion colours and perfect clarity.

Samsung 4K smart TV Enhance your home with a beautiful TV that reflects your style and suits your space. The Frame is more than just a TV, it makes every moment in your home beautiful. Now it also boasts the high-resolution picture quality of QLED. An incredible TV when it’s on, and stunning art when it’s off.

Samsung 4 smart TV combines stylish TV design and all the outstanding technologies you’ve come to expect from Samsung QLED, The Serif gives you the best of both worlds. Incredible picture quality meets a sophisticated style. Isn’t your living room ready for something different?

Samsung TV will upgrade your viewing experience with supersized entertainment, enhanced gaming, and sophisticated design. Big is always beautiful with Samsung’s range of Big Screen TVs. Designed to blend seamlessly into your living space, rather than dominate it, our TVs offer a breathtaking visual experience, whether they’re on or off. Discover the bigger picture with Samsung’s wide range of Big Screen TVs.

Samsung Full HD TV

Samsung affordable HD TVs that are perfect for a bedroom or office to vast 88-inch sets that deliver an awesome home cinema experience, our Samsung TV collection shows off the very best cutting edge visual and audio technology and a broad range of televisions to suit every environment, style, and budget.

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TVs push the boundaries of what’s possible. Immerse yourself in an experience that’s tailored to you and blends beautifully into your life.

Samsung QLED TV offers exceptional viewing in all conditions with precise, pin-sharp contrast across the whole screen. Make every moment unmissable with pixel-perfect contrast, deeper blacks, and captivating colour, thanks to precise backlight technology.

Samsung QLED TV offers the best 4K picture, targeted sound and personalized TV recommendations. Experience a smarter way to watch and enjoy TV. Save time searching with intuitive voice assistance and control your compatible smart devices and home appliances from the comfort of your sofa.

Samsung QLED TV uses AI-powered machine learning to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and even sharpen edges around objects and text. Now you can enjoy your content at near 4K resolution.

Samsung QLED TV experience spectacular picture detail as the filmmakers intended. Never miss what’s happening in the dark shadows of a horror movie, or the bright sun filled scenes of the latest sci-fi. And with every frame optimized to perfection, the picture you see is as detailed as it is in the real world.