Time Attendance & Access Control terminal, Zkteco K40

Zkteco k40 is a Standalone fingerprint time attendance System that gives access Control, IN and OUT status to clients, K40 has a Built-in Battery that keeps the operation going even when power is out.

Zkteco K40 has TCP/IP & USB designed especially for the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. K40 has the capacity to store 1000 fingerprint templates and 80000 transaction records, with this kind of capability the time attendance can be used in the school management system, where the student’s fingers are scanned and an SMS or email sent to the parent when they log in and out.

The K40 time attendance terminal is being also used in eliminating those people who have not paid their fees from sitting for an exam, when integrated in to the transport system it helps track who is being transported by the buses. Zkteco K40 time attendance system is also being used in launch food programmed where only those who have paid will be allowed to take lunch.

ZKteco K40 time attendance is of high speed in reading fingerprints and with reliable fingerprint matching, K40 time attendance terminal can match 1000 fingerprint templates within 2 seconds.

Zkteco K40 has a user capacity 1000 hence can be used in organization with huge traffic, K40 has a Log Memory 80000 hence it can keep records for about two weeks

ZKteco K40 is a Standalone embedded fingerprint reader with Access Control capability, it can also limit who to access some places. K40 zkteco access control has built in embedded fingerprint identification system.

K4o access control has an optical fingerprint sensor Supporting 360 degree rotation of fingerprint templates, hence the terminal is able to read the fingerprint in any dimension. The time attendance terminal is easy to use and it is highly reliable.

FingerprintCapacity      1000 (2000 without SSR)
ID Card Capacity      1000 (Optional)
Record Capacity      80,000
Display      2.8-inch TFT Screen
Communication      TCP/IP, USB Host
Standard Function Work Code, SMS, DST, Self-Service Query,Automatic Status Switch, Scheduled-bell, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Built-in Battery,Simple Access Control or External Bell
Optional Function      ID/Mifare
Software      ZKTime5.0
Power Supply      DC 12V 1.5A
Verification Speed      <0.5 Sec.
Operating Temp.      0°C-45°C
Operating Humidity      20%-80%
Dimension      184*136*37.6(Length*Width*Thickness)

Zkteco K40 time attendance fingerprint reader specifications