What is the best Office telephone system in Kenya?

Having a proper communication channel through an organization between employees, clients supplies and other stakeholders requires a proper communication system that will be reliable at any time there is inter-office communication and between organizations.

A proper office communication system is designed in such a way that all calls are centrally received then the controller diverts the phone to the intended person or the system may be designed in the call goes directly to the intended person.

Benefits/ Advantages of Office phone system

Office telephone has so many advantages unlike keeping a messanger to be delivering information or by using mobile phones, below are the advantages.

  1. Save time and money

Having a PBX system in your office saves time and money, Unlike the old age where an organization required a messenger to relay information from one department to the other using more time and resources, digital and ip phone systems enable one to relay information at the comfort of their seat.

When it come to cost calculations, Digital and IP PABX system are more cheap to maintain compared to using mobile phones to communicate, only one line is required hence billing is done to that line.

  • One-stop shop, with all the features

Switching to a business phone system simplifies your small business communications. Whether you need call management features like forwarding and call logs, or collaboration tools like conference call services and online meetings, consolidating your communications has several advantages.

Moving to a business phone system also gives you access to new features that consumer phone lines can’t match; everything from rule-based call answering to call screening and advanced call notifications and team collaboration tools.

  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere

With a business phone system, you can work from anywhere, without worrying about hardware. Use the same tools and features that you’re familiar with, no matter where your business takes you.

A business phone system also keeps you connected to telecommuters. Seamless call forwarding keeps employees connected to your clients no matter where they are, and either paid or free conference calling and collaboration tools ensure your team stays on the same page, even when they aren’t in the same room. This kind of flexibility is key as your business expands.

  • Project a professional image

Office phone portrays a professional image unlike when mobile phones and messengers are used in an organization. Mtech avails the best office phone in the world, our best ranking office phone, Panasonic phone, Yeaster IP phone, Zycoo ip phones, cisco ip phones, Avaya and Grandstream ip phone.

  • Keep your private information private

When using mobile phone in the office, the users information is at threat as the mobile will not be private anymore, Office phone enables the users information to remain private as they will no longer use their mobile phone. Hence conversation with family and friends is kept private.

Panasonic PBX offices phone solutions

Panasonic systems support your staff’s mobile communications so they can keep in touch wherever they’re working – using their own device if they wish. And with reliability built-in, our business phone systems deliver some of the best Total Cost of Ownership figures in the industry.

Panasonic IP Hybrid PBX Systems give you all the feature-rich functionality you’d expect, and offer the best of both worlds, with an industry-leading mix of reliable PBX products enhanced with all the advantages in IP technology.

Reason as to why you should choose Panasonic phone system

  • Never miss a client’s call again with forward to your cell phone feature available from your desk phone or from your voice mail greeting.
  • Have a superior cordless phone that allows you to roam freely in your building or warehouse.
  • Use your computer as a telephone for any time/anywhere access to your phone systems’ features. Road warriors, salespeople, and support staff use all the advanced desktop productivity tools just like they were in the office.
  • Listen to your voice mail via your email or cell phone while you are out of the office.
  • With the use of the Communication Assistant, when a voicemail caller speaks quickly, softly, or is otherwise hard to understand, use on-screen voicemail controls to pause, rewind, adjust playback speed, and control volume to easily hear their message.
  • Make and transfer calls to any extension on your phone system including phones at different locations.
  • Search, add, and manage contacts more quickly and powerfully than ever.
  • Streamline your operations with a single Panasonic phone system that can handle multiple companies. By using unique ring tones to identify which company is being called, a centralized receptionist can easily answer and route calls.

Yeaster IP PBX Phone system

Yeastar IP PABX phones facilitate stronger connections, faster connectivity, and a digitally optimized workplace for your business to unlock greater possibilities.

Benefit from a highly secure platform to monitor and manage your PBX system(s) remotely and centrally. Whether you are a phone system end-user or a IT reseller, Yeastar Remote Management tool is here to free you from technical headaches and reduce IT & maintenance costs.

Advantages of Yeaster IP PBX Phone system

  1. Affordable Per-Call Pricing

VoIP takes the job of making phone calls away from physical, comm lines. Instead, it makes use of Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive calls. Essentially, the voice data is converted into network packets. These are then sent via the IP network you’ve chosen. This network could be a dedicated IP connection through your phone provider or a high-speed internet connection.

  • Very reliable for moving business

For business that are always on the move, yeaster PBX is the best solution for this kind of business. Mobility is simply built into the system, and you are able to move around as you need. A VoIP app is a software application installed on your smartphone or computer that sends voice calls through the Internet.

No need for physical phone lines, with VoIP apps, you can take your own devices as the office extensions to make and receive business calls and keep your personal cell phone numbers private, as long as you have internet connections.

  • Yeaster IP PBX offer wide range of futures

Yeaster IP PBX will allow you to use top of the line devices while maximizing your use of a variety of features.

For example, you can engage with an important client over the phone. At the same time, you can pick up voicemails that have been automatically converted to text and routed to your email. Need to forward a voicemail to your entire team? You can do that with just a few clicks.

  • Yeaster offers User-Friendly Conference Calls

With business dynamic brought by Covid 19 pandemic, conference call has become a daily thing, Yeaster PBX offers the best Conference call in the market.

Rather than using a limited set of dedicated phone lines, VoIP allows you to create and manage conference calls over a data network. You’ll never have to worry about having enough lines for each participant.

  • Improved customer relationship

When there is a proper communication system, customer satisfaction level improves as there is effective communication between organization and its client, clear communications occurs between them.

  • Yeaster offer Compatible Solution

Yeaster IP PBX system are compatible with other office solutions, Voip can be installed in desktop and laptops.

For instance, if you have a hosted system, all the phone services are delivered to the cloud by your provider. If something really happens to your office and the internet in your workplace goes down, you can just relocate your employees and they’ll be able to continuously work from anywhere.

Cisco IP Phone PBX office phone System

Cisco Small business PBX phone systems today are increasingly more sophisticated. Here’s a quick comparison of a conventional small business PBX system and a Unified Communications system that combines an Internet Protocol (IP) PBX and other features.

Cisco IP PBX can do everything a traditional small business PBX can do and more. It performs the switching and connecting of Voice over IP as well as landline calls.

A conventional PBX requires two networks, one for data and another for voice. An IP PBX system runs on an IP data network, which saves costs and minimizes network management.

Advantages of Cisco IP PBX System

  1. Easier to install & configure than a proprietary phone system

An IP PBX runs as software on a computer and can leverage the advanced processing power of the computer and user interface as well as features. Anyone proficient in networking and computers can install and maintain an IP PBX. By contrast a proprietary phone system often requires an installer trained on that particular system!

  •  Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface

An IP PBX can be managed via a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, allowing you to easily maintain and fine tune your phone system. Proprietary phone systems have difficult-to-use interfaces which are often designed to be used only by phone technicians.

  •  Significant cost savings using VoIP providers

With an IP PBX you can easily use a voip provider  for long distance and international calls. The monthly savings are significant. If you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls.

4. Eliminate phone wiring

An IP Telephone system allows you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a standard computer network port (which it can share with the adjacent computer). Software phones can be installed directly on the PC. You can now eliminate the phone wiring and make adding or moving of extensions much easier. In new offices you can completely eliminate the need for wiring extra ports to be used by the office phone system!

5. Eliminate vendor lock in

IP PBXs are based on the open SIP standard. You can mix and match any SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based IP PBX, PSTN Gateway or VOIP provider. In contrast, a proprietary phone system often requires proprietary phones to use advanced features, and proprietary extension modules to add features.

6. Scalable/ Expandle

Proprietary systems are easy to outgrow. Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules. In some cases you need an entirely new phone system. Not so with an IP PBX. A standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions – just add more phones to your network to expand!

7. Better customer service & productivity

With an IP PBX you can deliver better customer service and better productivity. Since the system is now computer-based, you can integrate phone functions with business applications. For example, bring up the customer record of the caller automatically when you receive his/her call, dramatically improving customer service and cutting costs by reducing time spent on each caller. Outbound calls can be placed directly from Outlook, removing the need for the user to type in the phone number.

  • Twice the phone system features for half the price

Since an IP PBX is software-based, it is easier for developers to add and improve feature sets. Most VoIP phone systems come with a rich feature set, including auto attendant, voice mail, ring groups, and advanced reporting. Unified Communications features are included, to support presence, video and audio conferences and free calls via the data network. These options are often very expensive in proprietary systems.

  • Allow hot desking & roaming

Hot desking, the process of being able to easily move offices/desks based on the task at hand, has become very popular. Unfortunately traditional PBXs require extensions to be re-patched to the new location. With an IP PBX the user simply takes his phone to his new desk – No patching required!

Users can roam too – if an employee has to work from home, he/she can simply fire up their SIP software phone and are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the world because of the SIP protocol characteristics!

9. Better phone usability: SIP phones are easier to use!

Employees often struggle using advanced phone features. Setting up a conference, or transferring a call on an old PBX requires detailed instructions.

Not so with an IP PBX – all features are easily performed from a user friendly GUI. In addition, users get a better overview of the status of other extensions, of inbound calls, call queues, and presence via the clients. Proprietary systems often require expensive “system” phones to get an idea what is going on on your phone system and even then, status information is cryptic at best.

Zycoo IP PBX Office phone system

ZYCOO CooVox series are more than VOIP IP PBX. They come with everything you need to upgrade or set up a new IP Telecommunication system, as desktop IP-Phone, smart mobile app and analog expansion box are also available in ZYCOO. Now you can set up your IP Telecommunication system with worry-free ZYCOO CooVox series.

Advantages of Zycoo IP PBX system

  1. Quick and easy Setup Wizard

This allows an easy and fast initial system setup. The Setup Wizard presents all essential configuration steps in an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based interface.

  • Web Conference Manager

It will now be easier to set up and manage online conferences. Inviting, muting/unmuting and kicking out participants can be done by a few mouse clicks.

  • Endpoints provisioning

The system allows a quick and easy deployment of endpoint devices using PNP and Quick Register Code.

  • Billing

Zycoo IP PBX system  has a built-in billing feature. No third-party billing software needed.