Why Choose Analog Hikvision HD CCTV Camera

Analog Hikvision CCTV cameras are a type of security camera that uses an analog video signal (CVBS / Composite Video Baseband Signal) to capture video surveillance footage. Analog CCTV cameras are hard-wired to surveillance DVRs and monitors using coax cable such as RG59.

Hikvision Analog cameras supply 4-in-1 HD-over-Coax security cameras which use the same coax cable, but support 1080p video resolution this allows you to use an analog DVR now, then upgrade later to an HD surveillance DVR later, without changing cameras or cable.

RG59 coax cable is used to wire analog CCTV cameras to DVRs and monitors. RG59 cables can also be used for HD-over-Coax cameras such as AHD or HD-TVI cameras.

Hikvision Analog CCTV cameras highest resolution that analog cameras and DVRs support is 960H video resolution, which is 960 x 480 pixels. This is a wide format 16:9 aspect ratio. Prior to the advent of 960H resolution, D1 was the highest resolution. D1 resolution is 720 x 480 pixels.

Analog CCTV cameras come in sizes the smaller the size of the lens in millimeters(mm), the wider angle of view it provides. For example, a 2.8mm lens provides an angle of view slightly wider than 90 degrees. a 3.6mm lens is slightly less than 90 degrees.

Hikvision Analog CCTV cameras are available in different body styles/housing types including bullet, dome, and hidden camera housings. These body styles do not impact the resolution of the video that they are able to capture. They are just body style options that are available to fit into different types of installations.

For example, a retail store may prefer a white dome to match their ceiling tiles. A night club with dark walls may prefer a black bullet-style camera. If both camera types have the same image sensor and 3.6mm lens, they will capture the same resolution and angle of video.

Hikvision Analog cameras are easy to connect directly to a TV because most TVs have an analog RCA video input. If your TV has an analog RCA input, you can use 75 ohm pre-made camera cable or 75 ohm RG59 coax cable and connect your camera directly to the RCA input of the TV

Analog Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras (otherwise known as “BNC” Analog High-Resolution Security Cameras) can achieve very clear high-resolution video. For analog cameras, the higher the lines of resolution, the better the clarity. We offer analog CCTV Security Cameras and Systems with up to 1000 lines of resolution.

Our analog cameras offer a wide range of options to meet your security needs, including weatherproof housing for rugged outdoor use, wide dynamic range viewing, night vision, adjustable focal range, and easy-mount design.

1080P Hikvision HD Analog Bullet CCTV Cameras

Hikvision Analog cameras capture analog video signals and transfer them to the DVR via coax cables. The DVR converts the analog signals into digital, and stores them in a hard drive for future retrieval. You’ll also need to connect the analog PTZ cameras to power cables during installation. These camera systems are more affordable and easy to install.

1080P HD Analog Bullet CCTV Cameras use the same RG59 coax cable than traditional analog CCTV cameras use. HD analog camera resolution is full 1080p (1920 x 1080).

1080p camera (1920 x 1080) resolution this camera makes them a great choice for customers that want to upgrade their existing CCTV system from standard to high definition,  especially when using an iDVR-PRO hybrid DVR that works with SD and HD CCTV cameras.

Hikvision 1080p  analog bullet camera comes with a 2MP sensor and a 2.8mm lens that can capture at 1080p @ 30fps. It is equipped with LEDs to provide up to 65ft of true Day/Night vision. Digital Noise Reduction further clears up night time images, easily cleaning up the ‘fuzz’ that can accrue over darker recordings.

1080p Hikvision analog bullet camera  IP66 protection standards will keep this camera safe from inclement weather conditions. It is easily used for both indoor or outdoor coverage.

Hikvision 1080p  Bullet Analog CCTV cameras have the most ideal plug and play feature and are simple to use. They have made big improvements and are now full HD 1080p. You can now replace old recorders and cameras without the need for changing of cables. Keep the old cables with the clarity and imagery of the new security.

Hikvision Analog Dome 1080P HD CCTV Cameras

Dome 1080p CCTV cameras are enclosed in a dome-shaped housing – some are for indoor use only and others are completely weatherproof for outdoor use. The dome cameras on this page are analog-CCTV type for use with 960H or D1 resolution DVRs

1080p Hikvision HD dome CCTV cameras come with a 2.8~12mm Motorized lens and 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor delivering 2MP full HD resolution images. 1080p HD dome CCTV cameras Motorized lens allows for easy adjustments, letting the user manipulate the viewing angle by zooming in or out.

1080p HD dome Hikvision  CCTV cameras come equipped with True WDR (120dB), providing outstanding images in what are usually difficult lighting or contrasting scenarios. 3DNR technology helps cut down on image fuzz.

1080p HD dome CCTV cameras smart IR extends night vision to 131ft. IK10 and IP66 protection standards keep this camera safe from vandals and inclement weather conditions alike, making it suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Hikvision 1080p HD dome CCTV cameras  record from standard definition up to 1080p @ 15fps or 720p @ 30fps. HDMI and VGA video outputs allow for local monitoring on a variety of hardware.

Dome CCTV cameras come with up to 6TB of storage. Alongside H.264 video compression, this DVR is great at handling and efficiently storing large amounts of footage. Additionally, it does have 2 channels of IP camera support.

Hikvision HD dome CCTV cameras are all internal cameras and designed to be ceiling mounted, with the exception being the Vandal-resistant Dome which can be wall-mounted internally or externally.

HD dome CCTV cameras  Low light allows cameras to capture the best daytime and low light image without the use of IR. Varifocal allows manual adjustment of lens size and focal length to tailor a camera to the environment.

HD Hikvision dome CCTV cameras  Infra-Red for vision in total darkness. *Tip – IR cameras are a great all-rounder, but for internal use, a low light dome will give a far better image in light conditions to near darkness.

720p Hikvision HD Bullet Analog CCTV camera

720p Hikvision HD Bullet Analog CCTV camera brings 1280x720p resolution to a closed-circuit platform beautifully. Analog CCTV camera enables one to experience true high definition video unlike any other system as your monitor brings everything to life with cutting-edge software and top-of-the-line megapixel quality.

720p HD bullet camera contains 12 IR LEDs that automatically activate when they detect low lighting conditions, like at night or in a dark room.

Hikvision 720p HD bullet camera also comes pre-built to withstand intense weather conditions. 720p HD bullet camera IP67 rating standard specifies that these units are totally dusted tight as well as being able to endure any kind of wind and rain.

Hikvision HD Bullet Analog CCTV camera allows you to clearly see up to 130ft (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions, and up to 90ft (28m) away in total darkness. The integrated infrared cut filter switches on and off between day and night, ensuring accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions.

Hikvision Analog CCTV camera Record crisp 720p video to the pre-installed security grade hard drive, or record in 960H resolution in real-time (30 frames per second). The 100% duty-cycle hard drive is designed for surveillance, providing reliable storage for weeks or even months of security footage.

720p Hikvision HD camera (1280 × 720) for the highest video quality, or set to a lower resolution for improved recording efficiency.

Hikvision Analog 720p HD Dome CCTV camera

Hikvision Analog 720p HD camera brings the clarity of HD to the simplistic setup of analog, bridging the gap between standard resolution and high definition. With a recorded image size of 1280×720.

Analog 720p HD camera offers a clarity unlike any other analog camera available to the consumer. The clear 720p image sizes mean more pixels which translate to even more clarity and detail on the screen.

Analog Hikvision 720p HD camera expects clear, crisp images day or night thanks to the quality camera sensors. The large 1/3” CMOS image sensor, coupled with IR cut filters. Captures and processes enough light to reproduce stunning recorded images.

Hikvision Analog 720p HD Dome CCTV camera an all-weather, Super high resolution 720p Dome CCTV camera with 20 – 25m night vision, designed to be used with the Homeguard CCTV range. With an adjustable bracket, made for wall or ceiling mounting, includes fixings and an 18.3m (60ft) power/video cable ensuring the Homeguard

Dome Hikvision CCTV Camera can be mounted in the optimum outdoor or indoor position. Meets the IP66 standard ensuring the product is weatherproof.

Hikvision Analog HD PTZ CCTV camera

Analog HD PTZ CCTV camera allows operators to control the view of the camera via pan, tilt and zoom movements. PTZ cameras can be controlled via a physical joystick, virtual joystick using a DVR, and via mobile apps (iOS and Android) and desktop software for Mac and Windows.

Analog Hikvision HD PTZ CCTV camera on this page are an analog-CCTV type for use with 960H or D1 resolution DVRs.