Yealink Office Landline Phone Prices

Yealink IP Phones Nairobi Kenya, Yealink IP phones are VoIP business phones designed specifically for SIP-based phone systems.

All models include HDVoice, feature unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and are available at a cost to fit any budget. With multiple line appearances, contextual soft keys, and advanced applications, you have access to the info you’ll need instantly.

Yealink IP phones are the only phones that permit you to take full advantage of the flexibility and customization of a sip based IP telephone system.

Yealink Offering premium quality at an affordable price IP Phones are also certified compatible with many popular IP PBX platforms, VoIP networks and leading brand communications solutions.

Yealink phones combine excellent audio, progressive features, and open SIP support to provide businesses with a cost-effective solution for professional communications. Yealink SIP phones are known for integrating with an enormous range of VoIP phone systems and cloud VoIP services.

Yealink IP phones range from entry-level to executive with Optima HD sound quality and advanced features like Acoustic Shield. Yealink phones can save you money with integrated USB recording, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, and much more.

Yealink Dect Phones

Yealink’s DECT phone solutions address communication needs for on-the-go workers in various industries such as SOHO, warehousing, catering and retailing. DECT phone solutions range from the W52P and also the W56P for customers’ various technology needs and budget.

Moreover These Dect Wireless phones enables its users to benefit from excellent audio quality, freedom to move, multi-tasking convenience and professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc.Yealink Dect phones designed to able to take your customers’ daily business to a completely new level.

DECT Yealink phone  are built with ECO technology and rich phone functions, the W52P ensures customer enjoy smooth and efficient wireless communications; The upgraded W56P, the same great DECT phone model as the W52P, has a sleeker design, a better battery performance and improved functionalities, keeping busy workers “always online” with a pleasant user experience.

Yealink Conferencing Systems

Yealink offer innovative VC series offers Full HD video conferencing features designed specifically for SMEs.Yealink Video Coferencing System reduces complicated procedures and instead delivers Intuitive Operation – friendly UI and easy-to-use buttons allows almost all operations can be executed in only three easy steps.Choose from our full-HD video conferencing system and endpoints, offering ease-of-use, plug and play, dual-screen display, content sharing, and much more.

Yealink CP860 Diamond IP Conference Phone  is designed for small and medium-sizedmeeting rooms. It combines unique design and offers multiple advance features. Yealink CP860 IP Conference phone is the perfect choice for any business needing to communicate with dispersed teams, customers, partners and suppliers.

 Yealink T4 series IP phones

Yealink T4 series IP phones  is intended for discerning users with very high expectations of IP phones. It has been designed specifically for people who take great satisfaction in experiencing excellence actually being delivered

. Revolutionary in appearance and advanced technical design, the T4 series is not only pleasurable and practical to use but also offers extra-large display screens that make pen and paper redundant in the busy office environment.

 Yealink T4 series represents the cutting-edge of contemporary VoIP technology in action. Advanced features include support for gigabit networks, plus USB Bluetooth support for easy Bluetooth earphone use.

Enhanced sound quality is delivered by the Optima HD Voice system which meets TIA 920 certification standards. In the T4 series, Yealink has set out to achieve the ideal marriage of perfection with performance.

Yealink SIP-T40P Enterprise IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T40P IP Phone is a feature-rich SIP phone for enhancing daily business processes and operations. With a revolutionary new design that supports flexible and secure provisioning (the phone utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols for users to provision and perform software upgrades both in-house and remotely), this advanced IP phone is intuitively designed with ease of use in mind.

With programmable keys, the SIP-T40P boasts extensive productivity-enhancing features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, superb high definition (HD) sound quality and a rich visual experience.

Yealink IP Phone T2 series

Yealink IP Phone T2 series represent the next generation of VoIP phones specifically designed for business users who need rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface and superb voice quality. T2 series offers high-definition voice quality through HD handset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722).

 The large, high-resolution graphical display, combined with up to 48 keys, guarantees an excellent user experience in terms of configuration options, making calls and access to the express XML browse.

In addition, to ensure that your audio data remains confidential, it also supports security standards TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, Open VPN and AES encryption. These protect against electronic eavesdropping and data theft.

Yealink SIP-T21 phone

Yealink SIP-T21P phone takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before. Making full-use of high-quality materials, plus an extra-large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight showing a clear 5-line data display, it offers a smoother user experience, much more visual information at a glance, plus HD Voice characteristics.

Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. The T21P E2 supports two VoIP account, simple, flexible and secure installation options, plus support for IPv6, Open VPN and a redundancy server. It also operates with SRTP/ HTTPS/ TLS, 802.1x.As a very cost-effective and powerful IP solution, the T21P E2 maximizing productivity in both small and large office environments.